What Are the List of Hip Hop and R&B Record Labels?

Hip hop and R&B are genres of music of African American origin. There are many companies or labels promoting, distributing, and producing this genre of music.

What are Record Labels?

In the music industry the music of individual singers is usually promoted by big music companies or individual smaller companies. Record labels stand for the trademark or brand of a music company that markets, produces, promotes and generally provides all infrastructures to a musician or singer to produce a CD or Video. Sometimes they also search for talent and introduce new talent to the industry. This is called the A&R, Artists, and Repertoire. They enter into contracts with their musical artists. The label used to appear on the vinyl record which shows the company’s name and other details associated with the manufacturer

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Genres of Music

Types of music are classified as genres of music and each record label promotes a certain genre or a few genres of music like beat, rap, folk, hip hop, jazz, punk, rhythm and blues, and so on.

Hip hop music is a genre of music which involves rapping, beat boxing, DJing and sampling. It began in New York somewhere in the 1970s. In this kind of music, the artist speaks the lyrics in the form of rhyme in tune with a beat. This music involves live bands, drum machines, and synthesizers.

R&B Labels

Rhythm and Blues is an African American music. It first originated in 1940s. It was initially marketed to urban African Americans. Later it came to encompass electric blues, rock and roll, and gospel. Later on it came to mean funk and soul music. In the 1980s a new form of R&B was introduced under the name Contemporary R&B.

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Contemporary R&B combines pop, R&B and hip hop. The typical instruments used are synthesizers, keyboard, drum, and synclavier. It originated from disco, soul, dance, and funk music.

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by Paul Mileny