Where Can I Fix My PS3 – At Home PlayStation 3 Repair Technique

A common question people ask when their PlayStation 3 stops working is “Where can I fix my PS3 at?” This is a good question, because the truth is many people have no idea where to start when their PS3 stops working. Most people will instantly tell you to ship that thing off to Sony to have it fixed, but let me give you a few hints that can help save you money and time when it comes to fixing PlayStation 3 flashing lights.

Follow These Tips For How I Fixed My PS3 At Home:

1) OK, this one may seem like a no-brainer, but you need to reset the console. Try this first and if you’re still getting flashing lights move on to step 2.

2) Check and make sure the dog hasn’t shredded any cables, and make sure no cables have come unplugged.

3) Now we’ll perform a “soft reset”. This is done by unplugging ALL your hookups, waiting a few minutes then plugging them back in.

4) Lastly, if nothing else worked, unhook the hard drive after your console is turned off. Check the connectors and then rehook it and restart the PlayStation 3.

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If these things didn’t fix your PlayStation 3, don’t fret, there are some other options you can use.

Main Option 1 – Where Can I Fix My PS3? How About Sony?

This is the most common way to fix flashing lights on the PlayStation 3 console. It involves sending your system off to Sony’s repair service and just having them fix it. The sad thing is that if your warranty has expired you will have to pay like $130 or so and wait a month or two to get your system back. Don’t do this unless you just have extra money laying around!

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Main Option 2 – Where Can I Fix My PS3? At home!

That sounds crazy, huh? But it’s actually not. Many people have begun fixing PlayStation 3 blinking light problems at home with a few simple tools. The good thing about this route is that you can save some money and usually do it in a couple of hours or so.


by Chance S. Brown