Witch, Pagan or Wiccan – Do You Need to Be Any of These to Work With Magickal Energies?

Working with magickal energies is something that is becoming more and more popular these days, whether it be through working directly with the Tarot, pendulums, numbers or candles or having a mystic or light-worker do it for you. However, confusion often reigns where magickal energy is concerned. Does one need to be a witch in order to work with energy? Or does one become a witch if they work with magickal energies? What about religion? Will someone go to hell if they work with magickal energies? Brings to mind the old saying about which witch is which – but the answer to working with energies is as simple as the act itself and anyone can do it.

Take candle magick, for example. Anyone can engage in this type of energy work without being a metaphysician, pagan, Wiccan or witch – in fact, not all Wiccans are witches and not all Wiccans are witches. And whether or not one is religious is beside the point as well…the elements of religions, lifestyles and labels have nothing whatsoever to do with working with the natural and pure energy which surrounds all of us: all that is required is a relatively clean soul (which means that you don’t set out to deliberately run over your neighbor’s cat); an honest belief that there is something ‘out there’ which we cannot see but accept as real nonetheless and an honest and true ‘need’ which requires immediate attention.

Unless you have been living under a dark rock somewhere, you already know that the practice of lighting candles has been around since man first discovered that the combination of wax, string and fire produced light. Candles have been used for religious purposes, spiritual purposes, illumination purposes and birthday purposes. And some others I’m sure I don’t know about. Everyone has, I’m fairly sure, either lit a candle in honor of someone who has passed or blown out way too many birthday candles for just one breath.

There is a certain mystical and magickal quality to candles and for very special reasons…and this is where one form of energy work comes in. This work can be done by you…whether you are a butcher, baker or a…well, you get the idea. Also, keep in mind that the following model can be used for any other need, such as for love, health, employment…all needs can be cored down to a candle color and adjusted to suit your requirements.

Suppose you are three days shy of rent day and three hundred dollars shy of rent. That is a need, for sure (be sure not to confuse need with want – we can want a new coat or we can need one: big difference). Now, if you are fairly certain that you are a decent person (which most of us are, after all) and you know, deep in your bones, that there is indeed something mysterious and greater ‘out there’ than all of us combined – say an ‘energy’ of sorts – then all you need is a green candle, a holder and a packet of matches. Simple, right?

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Well, now, nothing in life is that simple. You will have to be willing to invest a little bit of time and a little bit of serious thought. If you want me to confuse the issue for you just for fun, we can throw in some incense, an unused pin (the kind you use to darn your socks) and some normal oil (the kind you bake with) or specialty oil (which you can buy at any metaphysical store)….but for now, let’s keep it simple, right?

Okay, so the basics here involve finding yourself a new green candle (tapered if possible – immerse the candle in sea salt water prior to use: this removes any negative energies it may have gathered on its journey to you), a secure holder in which to set it and a nice, quiet, still and private place where you can sit yourself down and get comfortable. That means no cell phone, television, radio, kids…if necessary, close the door and if possible, turn out the lights…you will still need, of course, enough light to see so that you don’t inadvertently set the curtains on fire.

When you are settled, hold the candle in both of your hands and focus your mind on what you are about to do. You can even gently stroke the candle (draw both of your hands from the outside edges towards the middle: this draws things toward you) or roll it between your palms…this imbues it with your energies and is sometimes referred to as ‘charging’. This can obviously be done in other, more complicated ways, but as should be obvious, simple works for me. When you feel the time is right, place the candle in its holder (melt a bit of the bottom so it is rooted to the base of the holder) and set it where you can see it clearly – I like to sit on the ground with the candle at eye-level.

What you are doing, essentially, is placing an order (just like from a catalog) for a particular item that you need: in this case, the means to keep a roof over your head. Allow your doubting and meddling thought patterns to flow through your brain until you reach that place of calm which will allow you to consciously admit that you accept the existence of the ‘Higher Power’ (whichever way you choose to address this power is your business – the rose will smell as sweet no matter what you call it).

When your brain has reached that relatively peaceful place, say a prayer. This is not as daunting as it sounds…simply, in your own words, ask God to hear you and to provide for your need. Feel that need for it is real and it is serious and then state your intention, for instance, you can say (or think – words spoken or thought carry energy) “My need is real and serious and immediate. I require 300.00 by December 1, 2010 in order to keep a roof over my head. I ask that this need be fulfilled in whichever manner you see fit and that its coming harm none, including myself.” At this moment and from then on (and this is key in importance!) see yourself holding the cash you need in your hand. See it, smell it, rub it and be grateful…in other words, see it already happening. Feel your sheer delight and relief! At the height of your emotion, light your candle and thank your God with sincerity. Sit for a few moments and study the flame. Feel the empowerment of what you have just done – and you will feel it, trust me. Never doubt for one second that what you are doing will happen. Just a pinch of doubt is enough to dilute the strength of the process.

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Then allow the candle to burn down. If you are using a typical taper, this should be within 3 to 5 hours. If you need to leave the room or the house (it goes without saying never leave a burning candle unattended!), do not blow out the flame (this will ‘blow away’ your intention): simply snuff it out using a traditional snuffer or even an upside down cup. You can relight it upon your return (and do repeat a condensed version of your original prayer and intention).

Simple, right? Nope. Not so fast. Now comes the tricky part – you have to let it go. Release the thought of what you have just done. Forget about it and go about your business. Think of it like this: if you have a balloon in your hand and it is loaded with your need, how is the Universe (my name for that ‘Higher Power’) ever going to get its hands on it in order to work with your ‘order/request’? You must let it go! Of course, you are a spirit having a human experience, but you still have to work within the boundaries of the human brain, so this is not as easy as it might sound: every time you catch yourself thinking about it, deliberately think about something else, like your favorite show or person or activity…whatever works for you.

Okay. Now you’re done. You have just completed your first candle magick energy work. Or ritual. There are many words for many things, but I prefer the easy ones.

Coming up in Part Two: Techniques for Enhancing Simple Candle Magick.

There are so many ways to work with and engage energy, from Feng Shui to Chaldean Numerology. If the magick and mystery of the metaphysical appeals to you, please drop by my site for some interesting reading.

Heather Lagan


by Heather Lagan