Your Golf Swing: Avoiding ‘The Big Miss’

Are you setting yourself up for ‘The Big Miss’?

In every round of amateur golf, there are those shots that go awry that make it nearly impossible to save a par. The better a player gets, the more intense the mental game becomes trying to avoid ‘the big miss’.

For most of us, half of the fun of golf is trying to improve and gain some mastery over the game. So, if you really want to build a good golf swing you are going to need a team to help you. With few exceptions such as Lee Trevino, no golfer goes very far with their swing without someone to help them.

“You’ve got to build a swing that avoids the big miss” according to John Jacobs, premiere golf instructor. While the big miss that Jacobs refers to is that dreaded shot that puts par out of range, there is another ‘big miss’ for many. That big miss is simply failing to get the help that they need in order to really enjoy the game.

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Before you write this off as being too expensive, consider how much you spend on new equipment and additional rounds of golf in order to improve your game. You may just be ‘engraining’ bad habits into your swing. Then consider on what it may cost if you injure yourself because of poor golf swing mechanics.

Golf instructors know the maxim: “Golf is what the ball does”. The flight of the ball tells the golf instructor the position of the clubhead at impact. A good golf instructor is key to learning the fundamentals of your golf swing. Yet many will get stuck here because they will discover that their body is not free to move as it needs to.

This is where a TPI Certified Golf Instructor or a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor working with your current golf instructor can be a help. There is an advantage of having someone who can not only teach you the swing but also identify the limits of your body.

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From there, a specific program can begin that will focus on issues of mobility and stability. Mobility issues require greater flexibility whereas stability issues require learning how to control movement of body segments.

Sometimes even accomplished golfers suffer from a condition labeled ‘focal dystonia’ that requires re-learning motor control. This happens when there is some disconnect in the neural pathways that need to be retrained.

If you want to improve your golf swing and your overall game, you are going to need a plan. You need to set goals and you need to identify a team that can help you to get where you want to be. Above all, avoid ‘the big miss’ and

Have A Great Game!

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by Steve McMurray