11 Ways To Join The Illuminati

The concept of a secret cabal of mysterious forces that comprise the Illuminati has for some a “romantic” appeal. Approved that appeal might be filled with worry however it’s a principle they hang on to in spite of reason. Most of the Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists (PCT) have a habit of jumping to conclusions based upon faulty proof and reasoning.

They are so good at it they might be finalists in the Olympic Conclusion Jumping Event. Among the typical mistakes they make is that of continuously referencing each others works without going even more back to discover original source product. I digress … Let’s expect that in spite of reason and logic an Illuminati does exist and you were one of the unusual individuals who desired to join it. By signing up with the Illuminati you might develop an empire that increased your personal holdings while additional ruling over the uninformed masses of humankind. Let’s additional assume that you were not born into the so-called “blood lines of the Illuminati” to whom access is most easily approved. There need to be a way to get “in”. Here are 11 things you can do to increase your possibilities of ending up being a part of the Illuminati. The Illuminati is, if nothing else, client with their goal of world domination. For the Illuminati nothing is “lose or win”.

1) Start your own type of Illuminati group that designs everything you learn about the so-called “genuine” Illuminati. Your members ought to desire absolutely nothing less than more power, money, control and domination while at the very same time making their influence appear unnoticeable. This brings the whole concept of a secret society into play.

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2) Study up on what the PCT state about The Illuminati and learn as much as you can.

3) Get a degree from Harvard. While there make it your intent to sign up with the Skull and Bones Society or the Pen and Quill. This is a very good way to get your self in. You will find out for yourself if all you think you know about the illuminati is true or false.

4) Subtly integrate Illuminati significance in everything that you do. This will consist of The Pyramid with the All Seeing Eye, the snake swallowing it’s tail, the ankh and any variations to them. This step is very important, helps build your confidence in what you are doing. Consider it a “door knocker”.

5) Join the Masons and strive up the hierarchy of degrees. As you advance up the Masonic Degree system be on alert for those who may be concealing their secret aspiration for world supremacy.

6) Join any other occult group that has a hierarchy like the Rosicrucian’s and work up the degree system within it.

7) Study the “mystery religious beliefs” and occult practices. There are a whole lot of resources on and off the internet, its quite easy to learn the many occult and religious practices there is. Accepting that the world is nothing but spirit¬† is key. Not just searching on spells online, no. You can study the foundations of the many spiritual secs on the planet. UFO research will also come in handy.

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8) Form a coven or magical group.

9) Strategically find your method into the social circles of the elite. This might be done by joining different boards of directors or volunteer groups. Or by finding individuals who are ‘connected’ and working into their social circle.

10) While in these groups carefully demonstrate a) your aspiration and b) your disposition towards the occult.

11) Build a group of “servants”. For legal reasons it’s finest that these relationships be consensual and from the Dominance/submission community. While doing this make sure you don’t land yourself into a legal mess because that isn’t gonna be good for you or your members.

One of the typical errors they make is that of constantly referencing each others works without going further back to discover initial source material. The Illuminati is, if absolutely nothing else, patient with their goal of world dominance. For the Illuminati absolutely nothing is “win or lose”. This might be done by signing up with various boards of directors or volunteer groups. Or by finding individuals who are ‘linked’ and working into their social circle.

When you get deep into this you will realize what the true extent of power and how sweet it is. You will know why billions of dollars are invested into things that really doesn’t matter to the ordinary man.