5 Interesting Facts About Numerology

Numerology is a phenomenally interesting practice that has existed for millennium in various forms. Numerologists, the terms used for practitioners, describe complex things in life via simple numbers and derive meanings from those numbers. For example, your Life Path Number is derived from your date of birth via a very simple formula (no calculator needed!) and describes your journey through life. Your destiny number similarly is derived from your name. In this way the complexities of the universe can be more simply grasped by the human mind.

There are many odd and incorrect thoughts about Numerology, as well as many facts people do not generally know. Here are five interesting facts you may not be aware of.

1) Numerology is not divination or fortune telling. It cannot tell you about your future, but it can tell you about possibilities as well as strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you have a Life Path Number of 1, you are a born leader, but it doesn’t mean you are a leader. You have the characteristics, whether realized or not, that can make you a great leader.

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2) Numerology is an ancient practice. It was practiced by the ancient Babylonians, Egyptians starting around 300 BC, The Hebrew Kabala, the Ancient Greeks and many more cultures from the distant past.

3) There are several different types or flavors of Numerology. Although the most popular today is the so-called “Modern” Variant, there is also Chaldean, Indian and other types. They are all quite different in many respects, and most Numerologists today do consider them all to be equally valid although different.

4) Numerologists disagree on many topics! Experts in a great many fields have differences in opinions on many factors. For example, we talk about medical opinions and legal opinions as doctors and lawyers often disagree. Numerologists are no different! As an example, they disagree on “Master Numbers.” Traditionally 11 and 22 were considered Master Numbers, but some today consider 11,22 and 33 to be masters, some consider 44 to also be a master number, and some even consider all 2 digit numbers and three digit numbers with repeating digits to be master numbers!

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5) Although both Astrology and Numerology are ancient practices and once considered hard sciences, Numerology faded from public view, basically became unpopular and unknown, until about 100 years ago. Astrology in contrast has always been popular. Both are followed by many non believers and skeptics as well, for example via daily or weekly newspaper articles.


by Joe Guzzi