A Sports Angel?

Are they in the dugout? The outfield? Standing on second base or perhaps holding up the goal post for that crucial final touchdown.

Perhaps they are running down the soccer field or standing beside the Little Leaguer whispering encouraging thoughts about swinging that huge bat and making a homer.

I know the Nascar drivers believe there is an Angel sitting in the passenger seat with them as they go around and around a track surpassing 200 miles an hour.

You have to believe that the Angels are with the snow skiers when you think of all the beautiful snow angels we make lying in the mounds and drifts.

Watch an ice skater and you truly know they are dancing with the Angels out on the ice … poetry in motion and if you listen carefully on a silent day with all the glistening snow you can hear the music of the angels the skaters are dancing to.

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On a clear day the balloonists and the hand gliders are out across the skys helping to paint the skys and the clouds with the glorious colors as Angel assistants.

The diver launching itself into the air reminds us of an Angel with arms spread forth before they slip beneath the water.

Think of the skydiver that risks all by jumping out of a plane to soar through the heavens trusting the wings of angels will carry him safely back to earth.

Stand in the sidelines and watch that gust of wind catch and carry a golf ball another hundred yards …

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At Christmas time you see a Sports Angel ornament for every sport for boys and girls, the sports fan of all ages … I truly believe there is a certain part of an avid sports enthusiast, sports fan or sports collector that doesn't doubt for a moment the Angels are always looking over their favorite team, sport or player.

A Sports Angel? I truly believe there is …

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