5 Ways Trump Is Unique, But Not Necessarily, In A Good Way!

Whether one, is a core supporter, of President Donald Trump, or an opponent of what he feels, the man, serves and represents, most agree, he is unique! However, where there is disagreement, is, whether, these things, are, for – the – better, or in a potentially, dangerous, harmful manner! Few remember, any four – year period, with so many actions, and behaviors, which seem, at – odds, with the way, any of his predecessors, behaved, and/ or, proceeded. When he campaigned, originally, for President, 4 years ago, he used the slogan, Make America Great Again, while campaigning, as a Washington – outsider, who would, drain – the – swamp! However, we have witnessed, more indictments, convictions, and accusations, by people, associated with his campaign, and/ or, administration, as well as more media reports of irregularities, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, 5 ways, Trump is, indeed, unique, but, not, necessarily, in a good – way.

1. Trump’s alternate reality: Doesn’t it seem, at times, this President’s version of facts, and reality, are, at – odds, with true facts, etc? Political fact – checkers, state, he has told more lies, etc, than any predecessor, and, his continuing to adhere – to, a specific narrative, regardless, it tends to make most people, other than his political core supporters, perceive him, as lacking integrity, etc. Simply, repeating some alternative theories, and statements, doesn’t make them true, and/ or, believable!

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2. Fact – checking: We have never witnessed, any previous occupant of the White House, who articulated, as many unproven theories, and/ or, made as many untrue statements, as the current one! While, many politicians, resort to some degree of political spin, it seems, we have never witnessed, so much, of a total lack of caring, about telling the truth, or sticking to the facts!

3. Polarization: Instead of bringing – us, together, for the common good, we have experienced a dangerous level of polarization, never witnessed before, in recent memory! This has created an atmosphere of pitting one segment of society, against another, with little, to no attempt, at any bipartisan behaviors!

4. Enabling haters: Unfortunately, whether, intentionally, or not, when the leader of the free world, articulates a biased, hate – filled, message, it tends to enable the haters! Does anyone believe, it is, a coincidence, we have witnessed, so many hate – crimes, etc? This type of rhetoric, and attitude, seems to have the effect, of enabling the hater!

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5. Erratic planning: There have been many reports, this President does not pay as much attention, to daily briefings, etc, as his predecessors, and seems to feel, he doesn’t need to prepare, because he trusts his instincts, etc! At best, this has created, erratic planning, which, has adversely affected our response, to a crisis, such as the pandemic, etc.

We need to Make America Sane Again, by stressing a leader’s quality of character, empathy, and priorities. Wake up, America, before we lose the soul of this nation!

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by Richard Brody