A Family Vacation in South Padre Island

Every year, many Americans decide to take a vacation. They will likely go somewhere that has many things to offer that they will enjoy during their time away from the typical daily routine that they have grown accustomed to. Some will take a vacation far away from home while others will stick closer to home. A South Padre Island vacation has plenty to offer anyone who decides to spend their time off there.

Some parents like to take their children to places that offer some degree of educational value. A South Padre Island vacation can offer many learning opportunities for children. There is a sea life nature center where children can learn about dolphins and other types of sea creatures. Children can touch some sea creatures in special holding tanks and can even feed some of them. The sea turtle rescue center can teach children about sea turtles.

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There are also several different historical sites that a family can experience on their South Padre Island vacation. These locations were involved in the Mexican-American War in the mid-1800s. The Museum of Port Isabel teaches families about the important port that was involved in the Mexican-American War as well as the Civil War. They will also learn other aspects of the history of the area. In addition to this museum, families can also visit the Palo Alto Battlefield to learn more about the Mexican-American War.

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A family South Padre Island vacation does not have to be entirely educational, however. Families may also want to visit the Schlitterbahn water park for a day of fun in the sun and water. They may also wish to ride horses on beach or just spend time laying out in the sun and playing in the surf. Surfing lessons are also available to those who want to learn.


Source by Andre Zayas