A Free Guide to Voodoo Dolls Spells and Casting Technique

Free Voodoo spells are found in abundance over the net. But you need to find some spells that really work. Voodoo spells are actually made with the help of objects that have some “likeness” to the larger outer world to effect a change in that world. This kind of magic is often called “simulacra magic.”

An example can be given. One magical practitioner decided to take revenge on a fellow colleague. So he “keyed” a figurine to that colleague and then shipped that figurine to a voyage around the world on a very slow ship. The effect? Well the victim was dizzy and nauseous for a whole month (which was the length of the voyage). This is one example of an effective voodoo magic spell.

Stronger Voodoo Spells

While the previous example was of a minor voodoo spell, you might want to create stronger voodoo spells. In that case you have to take care of a few things. A lot of people have failed to achieve strong results using “simulacra” magic. But this does not mean that this kind of magic does not create strong spells. If your simulacra magic is not working, then there are mainly three reasons behind it.

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• Voodoo Object Replica is not very similar to the Outer World Thing- This means that the object you are using as a replica of the real thing is not similar enough to it. This can create problems for magic. The basis of simulacra magic lies in the similarity of the object used in the spells to the object of the spell.

For instance, say you want to replace a nasty neighbor. You cannot do with any figurine. If your neighbor is tall, hunched and gaunt, then you have to search for a figurine that looks like him. A short and fat figurine won’t do. Nor will the figurine of a ballerina do. People almost always let do with the figurines, but this is an important aspect.

• Material of Voodoo Doll is Important- It is not enough to get a voodoo doll that is similar to the real life object’ it is also important to get the right materials for the free voodoo spells to work. Like in case of the neighbor spell, it would not be enough to get a tall and gaunt figurine, the figurine should also be made of such a material that the “keying” process works properly.

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“Keying” is the magical procedure by which the object used in the free Voodoo spells is connected to the real life object. Usually the materials used are glass, ceramic, wood and metal. But do not use plastic or rubber or any other modern composites. They are not likely to go well.

• Voodoo Doll Cleansing is Essential- If most of the times your free Voodoo spell went wrong, it is likely due to the fact that the object was not properly cleansed. If the object you are using is not new, then it has to be cleansed of all the energy it has accumulated over the years due to people handling it. The impure vibrations have to be cleansed. This can be done with the help of a “four element cleansing with a firebowl and chalice.”

Keep in mind these three factors and your free Voodoo spells will surely work.


Source by Jack Daniel Morris