All Too Familiar – Domestic Violence Is A Demonic Act, Isn’t It?

We make ties throughout our lives as we are destined for making them. Whether there is a doubt of ruining a good relationship or the stress of breaking a weak relationship, both make us wretched. Within a happy family, there could have a lot of problems and one makes mistakes as well. They arise owing to our attitudes. Attitudes can be both like, conflict of interest and aggressive behavior and probably a lot of others too. As for aggressive attitude, it consequently gives rise to domestic violence. There can be a couple of reasons for this and the culprit can be one of the both, husband and wife.

Violence usually arises when we squabble over unimportant things that are not worth taking seriously. Aggressiveness is considered to be the attitude of a man and not of a woman. It can be the part of nature of both, even though. Usually the man, just because of his aggressive attitude, tends to make issues of normal matters that are not meant to be bothered about. The societies where chauvinism is quite prominent, the character of a woman is meek and mild there. In that male dominating environment woman is objectified especially in the role of a wife. A massively growing percentage of domestic violence seems to exist there.

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Apart from aggressiveness, conflict of interest is another major factor in disturbing and ruining the atmosphere of a home. If your family comes after every other interest or the job you are involved in, then family ties will surely be weakened. In certain other cases, there can be problems because of having other relationships such as extramarital affairs. In these cases, you are unable to perform sincerely well as a husband or a wife. Your attention is divided and finally, the family demands annoy you.

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Whatever the reason is, it eventually spoils the atmosphere of home. Sincerity, loyalty, and patience are essential in making a peaceful environment. Unimportant stresses, hectic routines, unintentional mistakes and a lot of other things can fan the flames of violence but your own emotional control can settle down your life. Negotiation is the best way to sort out the problems and clear up the misunderstandings. Rather than reacting on the spur of the moment and without thinking, husband and wife must talk to each other. Every problem has a solution especially when it comes to domestic issues. We can make all the difference to our lives just for securing our precious relationships.


by Iqra Shafiq