Ben Hogan – Waggle the Golf Club Before You Make Your Golf Swing

During the Canadian Tour Qualifying School Moe Norman was asked what he thought about as he made a golf swing. Moe replied, “Nothing, you don’t have time to think about anything during the swing. It happens too fast.” To incorporate thought into your swing you have to do it before you start your golf swing while waggling the golf club. The waggle is also the best way to prepare your body for the golf swing you are about to make. Once the golf swing starts, you won’t be able to introduce any new thoughts or make any adjustments to your swing.

Typically, the waggle is done right after the golfer has completed his address position. As the clubhead is waggled back and forth, the path that the clubhead will take on the backswing can be observed. If the path isn’t to the golfer’s satisfaction he can adjust his address position while continuing to waggle the clubhead until the clubhead is on a path that he desires. Once this is achieved the next step is to start the takeaway and allow the backswing to proceed.

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For a straight shot, the path of the clubhead as it moves away from the ball should be straight back along the target line and then to the inside (the same side that the golfer stands on). For a fade, the path should be to the outside of the target line and for a draw it would be to the inside.

What you should recognize in what is being said in this post is that the waggle really is a means of previewing how the clubhead will approach the golf ball prior to the moment of impact. And if this is the case then, how you use your hands to waggle the golf club is how you will use your hands during the swing.

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The best example of waggles to copy is Ben Hogan’s and Jason Dufner’s. Jason is currently a PGA Tour player and who waggles the golf club very much like Ben Hogan did. So if you are watching golf on TV you may just get a glimpse of his waggle. If not, you can do a search on the internet for a video of his waggle.

If you prefer to read about the waggle then I would suggest Ben Hogan’s book, Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf or my book, The Golf Swing: It’s all in the Hands.

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by James C Lythgoe