Twisting Golf Bags – Tips to Keep Your Golf Cart Bag From Twisting

Does your golf bag twist on your walking golf cart? Does that interfere with your game or make it less enjoyable? If so, this article can give you a few tips to help keep your bag from twisting.

Golf bag twisting occurs on some walking golf carts, as some bag manufacturers advertise non-twisting features on their bags.

If you use a walking golf cart, you may find that your golf bag occasionally twists. And if you’re like me, you find that to be aggravating. What to do? Solutions to this problem fall into two general categories (1) store-bought or (2) homemade.

1. Store-bought solutions:

Some golf bag manufacturers advertise non–twisting features on their bags. The manufactured non-twist solutions fall into the following general categories:

  • Anti-twist sleeves: The cart strap is threaded through the bag’s anti-twist sleeve
  • Anti-twist strap: A strap on the bag fastens to the cart frame.
  • Non-slip materials applied to the bag bottom
  • The shape of the bag’s bottom
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There is also a hint in manufacturer’s ads that the weight of the bag or the distribution of club weight can be causes of bag twisting.

2. Homemade solutions:

Before you begin shopping for replacement bag, we recommend that first you try the below-listed ideas. All are inexpensive. We recommend they be tried in the sequence listed.

  1. Check the weight distribution of your clubs to see if the distribution can be better balanced without sacrificing convenient access to your clubs.
  2. Check your bag to see if a cart strap or straps can conveniently be threaded through some bag strap or opening.
  3. Obtain a bungee cord, fasten it around some part of the frame (bottom is probably better) and pull it tight. This could possibly add just enough force to keep the bag from twisting.
  4. Alternately, with the bungee cord look for a strap or hole through which it could be threaded. Sort of a make-shift anti-twist bag sleeve. (On my bag there is an unused bottom umbrella hole that would probably work nicely.)
  5. Reverse solution #4 so that the bungee cord is fastened to the bag and then threaded through some portion of the cart frame.
  6. Find some non-slip material (such as that used in kitchen cabinets) and glue it to the bottom of your bag.
  7. You might also be able to apply the same non-slip material to the cart itself either on the bottom rest or inside the upper strap.
  8. If all of these solutions fail, you might look into buying a lighter bag with a manufacturer’s no-twist” feature.
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One of these solutions should work for your situation. I hope you have found these tips helpful in making your golf experience more enjoyable.


by Larry E. Swanson