Bicycling South Africa – A Magazine for Every Element of a Cyclist’s Life

Bicycling is the world’s leading cycling magazine. It was launched in February 2003, and is published 10 times a year. Bicycling South Africa is a counterpart of the American cycling magazine: Bicycling and Mountain Bike. It is a Touchline Media publication, also belonging to Media 24’s Lifestyle Division.

Bicycling has come to be known as the quintessential magazine for biking. It is directed at both road and mountain biking partisans, which is a fast-growing and affluent lifestyle cycling market including professional or casual cyclists, youngsters or adults. Be it just ten-speeds or mountain bikes, this magazine is an informative and helpful must-read.

Bicycling South Africa is the leading tester of bikes and gear; dedicating over 30% of its space to the latest reviews that enable readers to make the best choices. The magazine has content for every element of a cyclist’s life, including training techniques and fitness information filled with inspiring human interest stories, motivation, nutrition, and event news from every part of the world.

A Bicycling South Africa subscription delivers a healthy mix of articles on travel, fitness, bike and gear reviews, race reports and much more. Colorful photography and award-winning stories, that bring the sport to life, complete every page of the magazine. This is coupled with intriguing stories of celebrities surrounding the sport, and a showcase of their latest biking apparel.

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Bicycling vows to keep you fit and healthy by featuring essential fitness, training, and nutrition tips. The magazine provides in-depth bike and gear reviews for all cycling styles and trails. Seasoned cyclists, newbies and wannabe cyclists; anyone who cycles, or who is flirting with the idea of taking up cycling need to carry the Bicycling South Africa Digital magazine, and enjoy the outstanding and useful content.

The editor for Bicycling South Africa, Mike Finch, plans to make their brand globally consistent, by looking at franchises like Australia. In April 2013, Bicycling sported a new logo, with a new format, and 16 extra pages. The new logo equates to the logo used by its US international partner, Rodale Inc. The April issue had on the cover, Patrick Dempsey – a passionate cyclist and star of the hit series Grey’s Anatomy. Incidentally, it coincided with the 10th year anniversary of being South Africa’s leading cycling magazine.

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To enable more readers to get the magazine, it has joined the digital media revolution by launching the Bicycling South Africa e-magazine on all or most of the digital newsstands. This has presented an opportunity for access to millions of interested readers. More importantly, customers need no more lug heavy magazines around during their travel. A digital magazine does not take up space in your luggage nor does it add weight to your mobile! All your digital magazines are available in the cloud, and you have access to it anywhere and anytime you like.

So grab a copy of the Bicycling e-magazine to fuel your passion for the sport as well. This is the way for the future with a clear message to ‘go green’.


by Peter Ducker