Blogging to the Bank 2 – Another Honest Review

It was bound to happen… Rob Benwell has just released Version 2 of his highly acclaimed Blogging To The Bank package. In Blogging To The Bank 2, Rob has developed a new and improved step-by-step manual that is chocked full of his methods for earning as much as $34,000 per month from blogs.

Blogging To The Bank 2 is a very well written ebook that features some great tips and strategies that anyone can use to make a substantial income using blogs.

In this review I am going to outline some of the pros and cons of the recently released Blogging To The Bank 2.


1. Long-Term Profits – In most of the blogging courses being sold on the internet, the techniques being taught only result in short term profits. Meaning, you make money from them but after awhile it dies down to a slow trickle of profits. In Rob’s new ebook, he shows you how to get profits that will last a lot longer.

2. Proof – Blogging To The Bank 2 has been tested against the most popular blogging courses and software to determine just how it stacks up. Rob Benwell even shows side-by-side how his system compares to those other courses. How many other courses will do that for you?

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3. Secret Blogging Weapon – On page 18 of the ebook Rob gives you his secret blogging weapon. This is what helped him to achieve the amount of profits he makes every month from blogging.

4. WordPress or Blogger – This age old question has been answered in Blogging To The Bank 2. Rob tells you which one you should be using to make the most money using his brand new system.


1. Limited Time Bonuses – Right now when you purchase Blogging To The Bank 2, Rob is offering you bonuses valued at over $1,800. These bonuses are of great value and will definitely help you get started using his system right away. If you don’t act fast, you may miss them. If you are reading this review too late then you have probably missed your chance.

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2. No Video Tutorials – Personally I like to watch videos! In Blogging To The Bank 2, there aren’t any video tutorials to help the absolute blogging novice to get started. There are plenty of screen shots which do provide some assistance, but I think the addition of video tutorials would have been and absolute treat.

3. Additional Blogging Resources – When I looked at the ebook, I didn’t notice any additional blogging resources. There are some plugins that should be added especially if you are using WordPress for your blogging platform.

My overall opinion of Rob Benwell’s Blogging To The Bank 2 is that is an excellent resource for those who want to learn how to set up long-term profit pulling blogs. You can’t go wrong by owning a copy. It is a proven fact that blogging allows for anyone to tap into traffic sources that regular websites can’t. My advice to you is to go and grab a copy today!

Get started blogging and profiting right now!


Source by Mosiekk Conley