Boxing Equipment – Choosing What’s Right for You


When it comes to bags it is not a question of punch bag or speed bag. Anyone who has ever boxed knows that both are essential as they train different areas of your arsenal.

A punch bag is a hanging bag, often filled with firm foam or another synthetic material, which is designed to be punched for an extended period to train strength and aerobic fitness. They are deliberately softer than the human face you might want to be pounding on, but a good quality bag glove or training glove and hand wrap is still essential. Punch Bags vary in their weight, and should be selected depending on your ability and the weight you box at. A heavy punch bag might come in at around 100lb. The outer skin of the bag will stand up to repeated abuse, with the best bags being made from cowhide leather.

Speed Bags on the other hand improve hand speed, punch accuracy and timing. They are considerably cheaper than punch bags, with Rival offering a leather speed bag for £25.00. That’s £200.00 cheaper than their heavy punch bag! Although they can be tricky to get the hang of at first, it is worth your persistence as they can have a great impact in the long run. Due to their size and the ease with which one can be set up, Speed Bags can now commonly be installed in the home.

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Focus Mitts

Focus mitts or focus pads are designed to be worn by a training partner and provide support and padding, so that blows may be administered freely.

With that in mind, does it make it difference what mitts or focus pads you choose?

The short answer is yes. Leather focus mitts will stand up to more punishment then artificial ones due to the tougher wearing material covering them. Although you inevitably pay more for a leather skin. If you want your training partner or coach to continue to allow you to throw punches at their hands, they’ll be much more obliging if they have the proper protection.

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Adidas Focus Mitts are on average £10 more expensive with leather than without.

There is also the option of whether or not to get curved focus mitts or flat focus mitts. Curved pads are becoming the norm these days as they offer more control and leverage. Rival RMP4 focus pads and Lonsdale Super Pro Curved focus mitts are good quality pads, which are durable and can often be picked up at a bargain.

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by Sergio Iacobucci