Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 47 – Composition Part 2 | Video

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  1. I'm getting an error that "string does not name a type " when I declare a string variable in a class despite adding the string header. What could be the problem?

  2. wow men fantastic rlly thx , i come from java composed class , switch to c++ composed class all the examples that i found was in the same main.cpp and the assholes of stackoverflow start to dicking around , i finally managed to understand thanks to you =)

  3. What I don't understand now is WHY use a different object name (bo) in the People constructor when it's going to be used the same birthObj created in main to access the Birthday class? WHY? I'm getting more and more confused each time …… Is anybody around? !

  4. Using the Point class write a composite class called Triangle. The Triangle class will have three point

    objects as its data members (to store three vertices of a triangle object). The class should have a

    constructor, a function to compute area of a triangle and a print function.

    harissaeed795@gmail.com please send me this code

  5. I keep getting Error C3646 and Error C4430 when trying to declare or use objects in private class variables or in class function parameters? I'm missing something obvious most likely but I cant figure out what it is.. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. I am creating a Game. I have defined an abstract Player class, it has two sub-classes; Human, and Computer. In my Game class I used one Human obj, and one Computer obj. In my main I use a Game obj. This is composition. That Game Obj contains my players and I do not create them separate from my Game obj. Am I right??

  7. 2 (possibly dumb) questions: (1):How does the program know how to assign "dateofbirth" to a 3 parameter required function? [ dateofbirth(bo) ] (2) and if the class "People" Have a birthdate object, doesn't it require the information right there and then? Isn't that creating an object itself? It requires 3 parameters.

  8. this topic seems to be comfusing to many – Its all about the relationship. Inheritance ('Is A' relationship:: A Dog is an Animal) Composition ( Has A, relationship :: A Person Has A Birthday) Inheritance – – inherit the good, bad & ugly, composition include objects of other classes into your container class.

  9. Why in the people class it had to be initialised with " : name(x) " when in the birthday class it was initialised inside the function itself. I don't see any differences. Would it not work if you do them the same way for both?

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