Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 6 – Variables Memory Concepts | Video

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  1. When I start watching tutorial i never looked back and start following your series from beginning to the end *it is awesome by the way * you can not compare this with other guys this looks so amazing
    I had followed the series of other YouTuber but I find out some things missed in some topics still
    Comfusing me so I started looking for another tutorials and I figured out this much helpful

  2. Hi! I really find this helpful for someone like me who has no background in programming. And I'll pretty soon be in college to study CS, I hope by then I'm already done with this playlist 🙂

  3. I'm currently a programming student and i am taking classes online for various reasons, but simply reading through the text gives me trouble when it comes to grasping the concepts, having these videos feels like i'm being talked through it and helps me to understand, thank you a ton

  4. I'm 15 years old right now and last year, 9th grade, was the first time I was introduced to programming since it was a subject at my school. We had C language last year and this year we are having C++, so it's really nice to have this tutorial to help me out with learning it.

  5. You finally made me understand C++. I have been studying this at school for over 4 months and i never understood why we have to use for ex. include iostream or the using namespace std. so in one word i was doing it like a robot no logic. But now thanks to you i will do better than my techer LOL

  6. BUCKY you've got no freaking idea how much of a lifesaver you are, goddamn i understand no shit bout C++ in class but you've just made everything a lot easier! IDC if im bout to sound like a weirdo but i friggin love you asdfghjkl! <3

  7. Indeed. Bucky's Tutorials far surpass my school's courses. Anyone else using The New Boston to actually learn this on YouTube…do them a favor and let the commercial run through. That's how the "AdSense" funding works.

  8. Dude I watched different tutorials from different people but your videos are the most explaining and easy ones to understand I'm happy that I found you.

  9. Bucky helped me out when I first started. Don't give up if you have made it to this tutorial you are better than the other 1.5 million that quit up to now! You obviously have an interest if you made it this far so keep it up. I began with this 3 times, the 3rd time I was very committed. Now I am creating kernels and hyper visors at the ring 0 level to hide processed via virtualization. Don't give up, you will get there! It's not something you will learn over night.

    Don't do 3 hours all at once, at first, you won't absorb all of it. Do 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour in the evening or whatever works best for you. Only give yourself 2 days off a week max. If you take days off there is a better chance of you giving up or not wanting to do it at all. Stay committed boys it's worth the pay off in the end.

    Music helps but try something without lyrics. I wouldn't recommend listening to music until you are practicing on your own as it will distract you from the tutorial. EDM (more lo-fi), lyric free jazz, lo-fi hip hop beats and classical are among my favorites. Music is one of those things that should be used depending on your mood.

    Good luck and happy programming!

  10. i have a question idk if you still look at these posts, while I'm still only on this video I want to know

    what if you need the same ine to have varying variables? like

    int tuna = 76

    int tuna = 75

    like is there some way to create a command line that is kinda like

    under these circumstances 76

    under this other circumstance 75

    idk if you go over this in the later videos or not, but I feel it would be easier to command varying single variables than to create a command that links two variables together however give them separate functions given certain events

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