Butterfly As a Tarot Symbol

Butterflies, for centuries, have been a universal symbol for change and transformation. This is because butterflies go through a transformation process called metamorphosis, which goes through stages – from egg and larva and then to caterpillar until it becomes a full-blown butterfly. It is really an amazing transformation especially when the worm-like caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly in all its glory.

Human beings go through many transformations, from infancy to puberty and then to old age. Just like the butterfly, which has to struggle, human beings also have to go through challenges before they can become their perfect selves. In ancient times, butterflies were known to symbolize the human soul. In fact, the ancient Greek word “psyche” means “soul” or “butterfly”. Those who believe in reincarnation see the butterflies as wandering human souls awaiting rebirth or reincarnation.

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Butterflies have mystical symbolism as well. Even in dreams, it has various interpretations. When a dreamer sees a butterfly in his or her dream, it generally means that he or she is about to go through changes, which are generally positive. It can also mean opportunities that will allow to the dreamer to step forward. The butterfly is also a symbol of fulfilling one’s destiny.

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In tarot readings, butterflies are shown on the queen and king of sword cards. It usually indicates a change in the thoughts of the querent or someone close in the querent’s life. The other tarot symbolisms of butterflies are: rebirth, immortality, freedom, marital bliss, happiness, new hope, and journey of transformation.


by M Rhiane