Can Enzyme Therapy Heal Breast Cancer?

That is a million dollar question, isn’t it? I can speak from my personal and professional experience, and say that I have seen Enzyme Therapy play a very important role in healing Breast Cancer, and many other types of cancers. What are enzymes and why do they work?

Let’s start by understanding cancer cells and what is called the Trophoblast Theory, discovered by Dr. John Beard in the early 1900’s. Trophoblasts are specialized cells of the placenta that multiply rapidly, invade the wall of the uterus and create its own blood supply. Cancer cells function in the same way: they multiply rapidly, invade other tissues and create their own blood flow.

Trophoblasts produce the hormone HCG which is the basis for the widely used pregnancy test. Cancer cells also produce HCG, as confirmed by a study done in 1977 by Dr. Robert Williams. He reported the presence of HCG, 2 and 3 years before a cancer diagnosis. There have been other studies indicating that this “pregnancy hormone” is present with various forms of cancer. (Learn how to STOP cancer before it starts with sensitive blood cancer markers,such as this one in references)

The placental Trophoblast cells continue to multiply and grow until something very interesting happens. On day 56 after conception, the fetus begins to secrete pancreatic enzymes. This STOPS the replication of the Trophoblasts and the placenta no longer continues to grow.

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But as adults, don’t we secrete pancreatic enzymes, specifically protease enzymes like trypsin? We do, but not in sufficient quantities. Our pancreas is over worked because of excess sugar and carbohydrate consumption. Eating cooked and processed food also puts a strain on our pancreas.

Years of application by various doctors such as Dr. William Kelley, Dr. Kelly Raber and Dr. Gonzales have proven time and time again, that Enzyme Therapy is extremely beneficial for cancer patients.

All enzymes accelerate reactions, or even permit reactions that otherwise would not happen, while the enzymes themselves end up unchanged. Enzymes therefore are catalysts and can act over and over again doing the same thing. The protease group of enzymes (trypsin, chymotrypsin) are specifically directed to proteins. Amylase attacks carbohydrates while lipases attack fats.

Cancer cells act as enzyme-inhibitors by secreting a number of substances that reversibly inhibit the proteases manufactured by the pancreas in the body (this is one of the reasons that high levels of pancreatin are needed to defeat cancer). Glyco-proteins in the form of lactate (a precursor to lactic acid) are also released from the cancer cells that also act as enzyme-inhibitors. That is only 1 of many reasons why one may need large doses of Pancreatic Enzymes.

Secondly, the theory is that pancreatic enzymes attack the proteins on the cancer cell membrane, making them weaker and more vulnerable to the Immune System. The electrical charge of the cancer cells seems to “attract” these enzymes, while our healthy cells repel them.

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Slowly but surely, Enzyme Therapy is gaining recognition in the scientific journals. A study conducted in Colonge, Germany in cancer patients suffering from Breast and Colo-rectal Cancers, documented promising result with enzymes. The therapy significantly decreased tumor-induced and therapy induced side effects and complaints. They found that the enzymes had the following properties:

Boost the Immune System





Enzyme Therapy has worked with thousands of people and all types of cancers.

Unfortunately, this type of therapy will never gain FDA approval because you can’t patent an enzyme and make billions of dollars. The cancer industry is a sickness-based industry that will never find a “cure”. The cure is already here and it can be found in lifestyle changes, organic nutrition, ingestion of cancer killing herbs, detoxification and emotional healing, or as I have coined the term, The 7 Essentials.

To learn more about Enzyme Therapy, visit the Cancer X Products in my store. Email me directly if you have any questions. Always consult with a professional and experienced health care provider that is familiar with enzymes – don’t guess when it comes to your health.


by Veronique D Desaulniers