Cold War Conflicts

According to John Rid, Cold war is not a civil war which takes place in a country due to variation of opinions among different classes of people. Such war sometimes pushes a nation towards a war where many other nations come in contact with the supports and cooperation to streamline their actions and reactions. Americans have faced many such wars in different critical point of conflict with other nations. Sometimes some nations step forward to display their power of modern weapons with different technology and techniques to resolve the dilemma in relevant fields.

In such wars, some other critics and movements are of externalization to the nation and as such, before a absolute war, chalking out plans in wide ranging field is vitally significant where seeking advice from the generals, brainstorming resolutions among other relevant states and their country cannot be ignored. In such war, brainstorming reaction exists among top political leaders inside and outside the country to conclude the decision where a complete war is essential or not is magnificent resolution of cold war. Normal war surrounds many other factors relevant to consider weapons, techniques and methods of application of appliances. The signatories to strengthen the stamina of the state are vitally significant and henceforth such silent war occurs; not only that, how far the war is justifiable is also considered in cold war. A country can achieve her target in respect of warfare cost bedded on the verdict of the people. Such brainstorming work may be considered as a doorway of a war but not exactly in the middle of battle field. The logical aspect exists among the people who come from the mental reaction among the top political leader and the countrymen of a state.

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From time immemorial, the super power states like French, USA, Russia, Germany, China and Japan have suffered from cold war plagues. By unremitting negotiations and brain storming, the country takes decision about a complete war. In major cases, cold war on no account influences a nation for war. A cold war is not a civil war in a state – not a door way to a complete war in the battle field but stops the evil forces for creating chaos, confusion and agitation; this is a cold war which stops the barricades of misunderstanding and administrative lock-up as a tentative flow.

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Source by Kh. Atiar Rahman