Computer Recycling – The Hazards of Landfills

What happens to your old computers, monitors, keyboards, mouse etc once you’ve upgraded to the latest model, are you just taking them to the local landfill?. This article will outline the hazards with computer recycling and what should be done with your old computers once you have upgraded.

What’s the big deal anyway the old computers can just go out with all our other rubbish. The biggest concern is with CRTs and the monitors they contain approximately 4 pounds of lead per unit. The lead cannot be physically broken down like other waste and over time the whole landfill will become contaminated from the lead toxin’s.

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I think we know all the dangers associated with lead poisoning and the health problems that can occur including:

o Learning disabilities

o Behaviour problems

o High doses of lead has been present

o Seizures

o Comma

o Death

If that’s not enough there is also lead toxins seeping into local streams from the computers being dumped at the local landfill, no wonder the planet is in dire need of repair.

The right way to dispose of these environmental hazards is to check with your community to see if there is a program set up to receive older CRTs and TVs for recycling. Where I live there is a central point where we could go to drop of all our old computers and electronic gadgets that we no longer wanted or needed.

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No matter what the item is that you want to recycle, there is a way to do it, all you need to do is make a phone call or two and you will have done your part to follow the recycling laws, and do your bit to help clean up the planet. So that about raps up this article, next time you upgrade to that brand new computer do the right thing and recycle that old computer and any unwanted gadgets.


by JD Fontaine