Conspiracies Theory – Mind Altering Drugs, Telepathic Powers, Government Agencies Recruiting Spies

Some way out conspiracy theorists believe that there are government agencies recruiting certain individuals who have a genetic displacement which allows them to see glimpses of the future or enables them to do remote viewing. There have been many way out stories and conspiracy theorist books written on individuals with telepathic powers working for the United States government.

If they are that is a good thing and I’m glad they’re working on our team rather than someone else’s. Is this conspiracy theory real? Does the government recruit kids by giving them mind altering drugs to help them harness their telepathic powers to recruit them as spies? Is this storyline any good? Sure that is a good one. Here is why. Some people’s brains run at faster RPMs. and if a kid had used a methanphetine (Sp?) then their brain waves might jump to 60-80 Hz and who knows what that might do?

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Someone talking on a cell phone for an hour might have heated up their brains and caused rogue brain waves able to catch a glimpse of something else. Remember energy and electrical waves are everywhere, so all you would have to do is ride one to another, to another and read it.

If photons can store images and the brain works on light and the nerves of the body work on sound vibrations and the bio-system has various waves, then sure a mind altering drug could do something that would allow some sort of possibilities. Vanimer Bush and others had done studies in the 70’s with these sorts of things. And we all know the story about Shaman theories and their miraculous abilities.

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Since most of this is bathed in science-fiction fantasy and conspiracy theory probably there is nothing more to it than that, although many people want to believe it is all true? What do you believe? Is this all just more twilight zone episode’s gone mad?


by Lance Winslow