Conspiracy Theories About Antivirus Vendors

The notion that antivirus businesses are the instigators of virus attacks is not commendable and something that they would strongly deny. Such connivance has been going on for quite some time now and there’s no sign of it being put to an end. The idea hasn’t been put to rest and is made even worse by the proliferation of pseudo antivirus software packages that copy the best antivirus ones. They have a similar appearance and possess similar tools. They also promise to eradicate all the spyware threats that the authentic software are created to take away. They are actually Trojans which hurt your PC and filch your personal information.

Another concept is that the antivirus companies don’t have a clear reason to do a good work of eradicating threats which would make you purchase their best antivirus software. This may seem more reasonable, but it’s as silly as the notion that these businesses author the malware themselves. These notions are as unreasonable as suggesting that your pharmacist or doctor tries to inflict you with a disease so they are able to sell you additional prescriptions. Moreover, as strange as these notions are, there’s usually one that lingers. Antivirus sellers invest billions annually into creating tools for dealing with all kinds of hacker and spyware threats.

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These virus threats are concocted by crooks that use expertly coded tools to gain earnings from cyber-related crime. Malware and cyber crime has undergone various shapes and have evolved into a highly profitable market venture. Recently, The Financial Mirror brought out a finding about cybercrime that states one only needs to spend only $1,200 to engage in cyber-crimes. Furthermore, antivirus makers are constantly fighting these threats. They’ve even employed dedicated workers who would anticipate criminals’ actions on a day to day basis.

At present, there are over 20 prominent antivirus sellers worldwide, all involved in a rat race to make their software the top ranked in the anti-virus industry. It’s only by successfully defeating and fighting spyware threats that these companies gain recognition. That’s why they are always in competition to outsmart each other in battling cyber threats. Customers gain a lot from this since they have the chance to choose the best antivirus program to meet their needs.

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It’s definitely true that the best antivirus programs wouldn’t materialize if there were no worms and viruses but that is not the same as saying that antivirus companies employ people to author these virus threats. The positive and negative aspects coexist in all facets of life, and there’s a plethora of human beings who feel nothing more but amused whenever they make a malicious code. Without a single doubt, if there’s a money profiting scheme involving antivirus businesses and virus authors, law enforcement offices would have learned of it long ago.


by Rachy A Marifosque