Xbox 360, Do You Back Up Your Game Play?

Well being that today is Friday, I thought it might be a nice change of pace to talk about one of my favorite past times, the Xbox 360. Now I am no professional gamer by any means, but I have to admit that even at my age I still enjoy a good game and online play with my friends.

Now considering that your Xbox in essence is a computer designed to play games and store the data from your games did you ever consider backing up your game play? I have to be honest here, I really never gave that question any thought until I got bit big time by a glitch in one of my favorite games.

“Gears of War 3” the third game in the series by Epic Games is for me a great deal of fun, with loads of achievements to earn through a lot of game play. In fact I was ready to rank up for the fourth time in the game with all of the achievements earned, all the ribbons and collectibles, and 90 percent of the Onyx medals earned through almost 8 months of game play only to have it all wiped out by a glitch in the game.

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Epic is aware of the problem that seems to be more prevalent in split screen play than in single player. The game arbitrarily locks up and you are forced to reboot the Xbox to begin game play. Unfortunately when this happens any of the saved game information left on the servers is wiped out and the game resets your play back square one. You can imagine how unbelievably frustrating this is after you worked so long to achieve all the aspects of the game to just have them wiped out in a single moment.

What is even more frustrating is to know that Epic is aware of the problem and never had the courtesy to tell any of their loyal following to the series that they were aware of the issue. The only statement I have seen in regards to this from Epic in a blog is they are aware of the issue and to have patience while they investigate the matter. Well that was over two months ago and there still is no fix!

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My point to all of this is simply this. If you don’t back up your game play then you need to start doing that now. Just saving to your hard drive is not the answer as many of today’s games save gaming information on their servers with no way to recover the information. Xbox live does offer a back up free to anyone who purchases a Gold membership called “Cloud” or you can even use a memory stick that conveniently plugs into a USB port on the front of your Xbox.


by Mark Boehm