The Biggest Conspiracy Men Mistakenly Believe About Sex

It’s not YOU it’s the SEX

Some of the best seducers all know a little secret. Instead of always trying to sell themselves (qualify) they sell something else.

Read on…

One thing to always keep in mind is that sex is a pleasurable experience. A human beings main focus is on feeling pleasure and avoiding pain. Women are no different. So with that in mind when you do hookup with a woman you shouldn’t have such an ego about it. You are not suddenly “the man”.

I mean think about it – how much of what happens is you personally and how much is that sex just feels good. Is it you or the experience itself. Let’s be fair and say it’s a mix of both. I mean it’s not like you are out at the bars trying to convince a woman to risk her life and climb a dangerous mountain with you. You are simply offering sex. A very pleasurable experience in it’s own right – even when we take YOU out of the equation.

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For some reason, many guys lose track of that and regress into scammer mode, where the vibe they give off when they roll up to a girl is of a greasy used-car salesman trying to pull a fast one on her or something. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but at the end of the day… she loves sex and will be getting it from somebody if it’s not you. Sure, she loves you while it’s going on and it brings you two closer, but at the end of the day… it’s all about the sex.

Ego & Sex

So how much is actually YOU and how much is that you offered her a good opportunity for sex – a pleasurable experience. I know we all love to think it was our amazing covert game tactics.

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Do drug users have to be convinced to do a free line of coke? Well… sex is like free drugs – powerful pleasure chemicals coursing through your body. What a free high man! Look, if you don’t have these weird shameful beliefs and a scammer mentality, something as pleasurable as sex really doesn’t take that much convincing. Most times sex sells itself.

When you are selling yourself you take things personally. When “you” are the product it can be hard to be persistent when it comes time to close.

When you’ve sold her all you can on you, sell the sex!


by Christopher Andersen