Leather Golf Bags – How to Care For Them

You’ve always bought the best golf equipment, drivers, irons, putter and wedges. Now, you’ve taken the plunge and bought yourself a really nice leather golf bag and you want to keep it in good condition. Leather golf bags don’t require a lot of maintenance but here are a few tips to keep your bag looking new.

First you need to understand that many leather bags are made out of “naked” leather. “Naked” leather is a dyed leather that has nothing on it to alter the natural state of the leather. As a result, it is usually soft and delicate.

If your bag is made from “naked” leather it is best that you put nothing on it in terms of topical solutions. If you do use anything stick to saddle soap or mink oil to keep the leather moist and soft. However, you should know that applying even these products to your leather bag could create dark areas. Since “naked” leather has no finish it readily absorbs anything applied to it.

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Make certain that you test a small area of your bag before applying any significant quantity of mink oil or saddle soap. If you are happy with the results then you can expand to a larger area but work slowly and cautiously.

At this point you may be wondering what do you do to keep your golf bag looking new. First, keep it clean. You should dust you bag with a dry soft cloth made out of cotton or microfibers. Second, store your leather bag in a cool place which is also good advice for the clubs that are inside your bag! Don’t leave a leather bag in the trunk of your car for weeks at a time. Finally, just let the natural oils of the leather bag do their job of keeping the bag moist and supple.

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Leather golf bags are a great way to carry your clubs. When properly cared for a leather golf bag should give you a lifetime of golfing pleasure. In addition, leather golf bags provide luxury, class and style.


by Tim Fuhrman