District Director of Agric Exchanges Blows With PPRSD Staff Over Form A issuance

A yet to be named district director of Agric exchanges blows with his PPRSD staff over the issuance of form A to a fertilizer distributor in the district office of agriculture.
Sources have it that, most district directors of Agric relent on releasing Form A documents to PPRSD staff to enable them carryout their duties effectively. The situation they say is becoming worse and requires attention.
In this particular instance, the yet to be named Agric director plays the role of the PPRSD officer in the district office, denying the junior staff access to the Form A documents to enable them do their work. Eyewitnesses confirm that but for the intervention of two workers (PPRSD staff) to prevent the district director and PPRSD staff from exchanging blows on this faithful day it would have been a disaster. The situation they say is becoming worrying and requires immediate attention.
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