Divination Tools – Tarot Cards

The Tarot is one of the many different types of divination tools that a psychic may use to gain further clarification during a reading. The most preferred deck of choice is the Rider Waite deck created by one of the leading members of the Order of the Golden Dawn secret society, Mr. Arthur Edward Waite. This deck was first published in 1909.

The total amount of cards in a tarot deck is seventy-eight cards and is divided into two Arcana: Major and Minor.

The major arcana cards consist of twenty-two cards and represent archetypical characters. Although known by many names in different decks, they are very much similar and are easy to recognize. These are the cards that people tend to remember the most after a reading. They are the reflection of life lessons to be learned as well as the conscious expansion from major life-changing events.

The minor arcana cards are compiled of the rest of the deck and is actually separated into four suits just like a deck of regular playing cards. The purpose of these cards is representative of how one lives and experiences their life. This reflects the moment by moment but the major arcana reflects the bigger picture.

There is really nothing magical in how the cards work. Truly there is something for everyone in any of the cards and one doesn’t have to be a psychic in order to get a result. You just need to know how to interpret the symbolism on each card. However the tarot has been known to trigger psychic abilities in those that may or may not have realized that they had psychic ability.

How do the cards work? That is a question that has many speculative answers and is comparable to wanting to know how does a psychic receive information. Some neuroscientists such as Mark Waldman speculate that one possibility could be that a psychic is tapping into the collective consciousness aka the quantum field. Although studies and research are not able to show if in fact this is truly occurring, neuroscientists are able to see via performing scans of the brain, that there is definitely something functioning differently in the brain. In deed as shown through the scan, there are parts of the brain that are triggered and are function differently in individuals that have been labeled as psychic by society’s terms.

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To get the best results from a tarot reading, it is best to only focus on one issue. Just as in life, scattered focus equals scattered results. It is pertinent that one is clear on what is being asked to get the desired result. The universe responds in literal terms. Open ended questions are best rather than trying to just ask yes or no questions because those type of questions offer limitless possibilities. Attachments to an outcome is the cause of someone being jailed to only one possibility. This is codependency at best. A good psychic or reader would choose empowerment of their client and use such attachments as a teaching tool.

There are many spreads one can use during for a reading. It’s not about the spread though but rather the intention. One of the favorites card spreads that many readers use is the Celtic Cross. In turn, one of the most basic spread used is the past, present, future spread. This layout consists of three cards and provides quick answers. It reads from left to right with the last card representing the most likely outcome. Layouts are also used to get a glance into the future. It is best though not to ask for more than 6 months worth of information because results are considered to be less accurate the more time that passes. If more information is needed during a tarot reading wild cards can be drawn to add clarity to any reading. There is nothing set in stone on the correct way to do a reading. One card could even be used to find an outcome and is the simplistic form of a reading. Again, it is not the layout but the intention.

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In general the tarot cards are nothing more than another form of story telling and therefore should not be feared. Many have a concern that the tarot is evil. This is simply not true. What you are looking at in a reading is the timeline of the beginning, middle, and most likely end. The outcome of the story is a reflection of the world of quantum physics aka Law of Attraction. Law of Attraction shows that wherever one’s attention is directed the most intently with great emotion that is what will manifest in one’s reality. The greater the emotion the faster the manifestation into one’s reality. That is why if you try to read too far into the future, it is less accurate. How often does one change their mind, redirect focus, or embrace new desires?

That is the empowerment behind this divination tool called the Tarot. It allows the psychic or reader to empower the client by simply teaching them, if you don’t like the possible outcome in your story that the cards just enfolded for you; it’s simply as easy as changing a thought and learning how to redirect your focus. The tarot does not jail you to an outcome that should frighten you. It’s a tool to remind one that we all have been blessed with the gift of choice.

The tarot is another tool for conscious creation. If you don’t like what is written in the cards in the book called your life, change your thoughts and rewrite your story. It’s that simple.


by Patricia A Craig