Exposure to the Coronavirus As an Additional Risk Factor

The mysterious Coronavirus is acting in a way that even scientists find hard to explain. The disease introduces unexplained phenomena and cases which are incompatible with the explanation that the severity of the disease depends on age and background illnesses. Following are several examples:

  1. The fact that young and healthy individuals in their 20’s, who contract the disease, die.
  2. The fact that elderly individuals over the age of 100 years have recovered from the Coronavirus.
  3. The fact that there are people who contract the disease without even feeling it.
  4. The fact that there are people (not many) who recovered from the Coronavirus and contracted it again.
  5. The fact that some scientists believe that there may be two strains to the disease, one mild and one more aggressive.

These cases must lead, even people who are not experts in the field, to the conclusion that there is another influential risk factor. This factor can indeed be, as described below, the level of exposure to the Coronavirus, or, in other words, the number of viruses to which the body is exposed.

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The body’s immune system is similar to a national army. The younger and healthier the individuals, the stronger their army. When foreign and hostile viruses invade the body, soldiers of the immune system immediately mobilize to protect it. The assumption by which healthy people, with no background illnesses, can overcome the virus, is based only on the quality of their immune system, but does not consider the quantity, i.e. the numerical balance of power between the number of immune system cells and the number of the attacking viruses. To better understand the extent to which exposure to the virus can be critical, we will present two examples of contraction – one by a healthy young person who spent time with Corona patients for several days without maintaining a distance, and the other, a healthy young person who only touched a surface several hours after it was exposed to the virus. Clearly, the immune system of the individual exposed to a “small” number of virus cells can overcome them more easily than the immune system of an individual exposed to a much larger quantity of the virus cells.

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A different exposure level to the Corona viruses can explain why elderly people with background diseases recover from the virus, why young and healthy individuals die from it, why people experience the disease without feeling any symptoms and why people, who are exposed to a very low level of the virus, fail to develop enough antibodies and contract the disease again. This also explains why there are scientists who believe that there are two strains to the disease, one mild and one very violent

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by Shlomo Agami