Hollywood Cookie Diet Reviews – Pros and Cons of the Cookie Diet

The Hollywood Cookie Diet became famous after it was reported as the weapon of choice in the battle against fat of a number of celebrities. The simplicity of the diet, the publicity it got, as well as the catchy name, have all contributed to the diet’s vast popularity.

The diet, as its name implied, is based on eating special cookies that replace your breakfast and lunch every day until you reach your target weight. Each day, you get to eat 4 cookies that are supposed to replace your breakfast and lunch. This way, you “force” yourself to create a big calorie deficit that’s supposed to get you to shed weight fast.

This is a low calorie diet which is totally based on calorie restriction. There is no exercise involved and indeed, it may be unhealthy to workout as you get a low calorie intake.

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There are mixed reviews on the Hollywood Cookie Diet. Some people report excellent weight loss results. Others claim that it is a short term solution at best because you’re not really changing any habits that may have caused you to gain weight in the first plan. The price of the cookies, approximately $19 for a box of 12 cookies, is also a factor that you should know about.

Let’s see what are the pros and cons of the Hollywood Cookie Diet


  • Simple and easy to follow.
  • The cookies contain over 13 vitamins and minerals to help you get a more balanced diet.
  • You can lose weight very quickly at the early stages of the diet.
  • Can be ordered online and in various stores in the United States.
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  • May be too low in calories for active people.
  • Some claim that it may cause metabolic slowdown and not be good for long term weight loss.
  • Can become expensive to buy the special cookies.

It’s very clear that the Hollywood Cookie Diet has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to decide whether this kind of plan is for you.


by John Davenport