He is Legend Hollywood – 7 Screaming Tips to Sound Like a Monster

He Is Legend‘s album, I Am Hollywood, set the bar high for southern rock and metal vocalists. The amazing way Schuylar Croom pushes his legendary vocals high and low is simply awesome.

So how can your own screams ever be good enough to compare with some of the tracks on I Am Hollywood? Check out these 7 screaming tips so you can front a metal band like He Is Legend some day.

1. Think of falsetto with rasp.

When screaming, you should refrain from using your actual voice. He Is Legend’s vocalist knows the key to scream high and low is falsetto with rasp. Practice using your falsetto voice and pushing more and more heat into it as you progress.

2. Pick scream phrases for practice purposes.

If you want to be a legendary screamer going to Hollywood, you need to practice with scream phrases. Develop short phrases for yourself when having a scream session. For instance, when you’re screaming high, say “Yah,” and when you’re going low, say “oo.”

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3. Practice for small amounts in the morning.

When He Is Legend goes on tour, they have to prepare throughout the day for the performance later in the evening. Do a few screams in the morning when your vocal chords are loose so they do not tighten as much when you perform later in the day.

4. Invest in a singing program.

If you really want to be a legend, there are tons of great singing programs on the market that can improve your screams by leaps. For the best results, look for methods that are used by artists in Hollywood with high satisfactory ratings.

5. Practice in seclusion.

He Is Legend rides in a van or bus for most of their touring days, so that counts as a lot of seclusion. Face it. You’ll feel uninhibited if you can scream by yourself. Try to find a solitary practice space and use it.

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6. Avoid carbonated beverages.

Water is your friend and carbonation is your enemy. Sure, you can have an energy drink every now and then, but water will build your vocals up to play in Hollywood with the legends.

7. Don’t push your voice.

Your voice is a very touchy instrument in your body and you only get one. If you’ve seen He Is Legend perform, you’ll notice a little wear and tear on the vocalist’s singing from smoking and drinking. Avoid habits that can damage your vocal chords including substances and excessive screaming.

I Am Hollywood really put He Is Legend on the map as far as progressive metal bands are concerned, but anybody can learn how to scream. Follow these 7 important tips, stay clear of drugs, and you might find yourself playing alongside bands like He Is Legend some day.


by Kyle Hoffman