Fantasy Football Information: On Draft Day, Don’t Forget the Curry

Fantasy football books, magazines and other experts will likely forget a key ingredient in their recipe for building a fantasy football champion next season. That ingredient is Curry, Ronald Curry, a forth-year wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders. Now, Curry posted some noteworthy fantasy football numbers a year ago, but they weren’t the kind of numbers that make the average fantasy football player race to select him in the top three rounds of their fantasy drafts. This may be a critical oversight.

Curry might have jumped off fantasy football information sheets, if it weren’t for the arrival of Randy Moss to the Raider fold. With Moss as the obvious new number one, and Jerry Porter having just inked a new deal with Oakland, it seems there may not be enough footballs for Curry to even match last year’s decent stats. Don’t let the aforementioned information fool you, as it will the poorly prepared competitors in your fantasy football league.

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Curry is a seasoned 25 years old but has only two full years in the National Football League, as he appeared in only one game in his rookie season. Most wide receivers learn how to handle NFL defenses in their third seasons. The great Marvin Harrison didn’t begin to put up big catch and yardage numbers until his fourth season. Now, Ronald Curry may not post the kind of fantasy football numbers of Harrison or Moss, but he is almost guaranteed to improve on last year’s impressive performance.

Remember, Curry played in only 12 games last year. He caught 50 balls for 679 yards and six TDs. He averaged roughly six catches and over 80 yards in his final four games. Also, Moss and Porter will most likely draw the coverage, so Curry will find his openings. He will rarely see double teams, while Moss will see plenty. When the Raiders reach the Red Zone, defenses will watch Moss, and Curry will be able to use his good size to outmuscle linebackers and safeties.

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So, there is a very good chance that Curry will improve in every category. If healthy, expect 8-11 TDs, 65-75 catches and 800-plus yards – tremendous fantasy football statistics for a guy who will likely be your second or third receiver.

So, add the Curry to your draft-day recipe, and you should taste the playoffs a few months later.

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by Mark Barnes