Ginger and Sex Drive

No, this title does not refer to what was happening between the professor and the movie star out there on Gilligan’s Island, but rather to Ginger root’s role as an important aphrodisiac and why the makers of Zenerect have chosen to include it in their all natural male enhancement pills.

Ginger Described

The ginger plant (Zingiber officinale) is a member of the aptly titled Ginger (Zingiberaceae) family of plants. Other members of the family include the turmeric and the cardamom, two spices most likely found in that spice rack you got from grandma, along with some popular ornamental plants like the summer tulip and ginger lily. However, the other members pale to ginger’s popularity which is used in both medicine and cooking. A young ginger root is fleshy and mild in its taste and is used fresh, pickled and boiled. The older ginger root is dry but potent and is used as both a spice and as a traditional medicine in teas and other concoctions.

Ginger Root throughout history

The ginger root was first cultivated in Asia but has since spread to other subtropical climates like West Africa and the Caribbean. The root of the ginger plant has been being used to help people overcome digestive problems for over 5000 years. It is a great remedy for nausea and you can still find it being used today for both sea and morning sickness. Ginger is also a traditional medicine for the practitioners of Ayurvedic Medicine and has been used by Indian doctors to treat both arthritis and rheumatism. Modern medicine has also found value in Ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties and think the plant might possibly be linked to cancer prevention.

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Active ingredients

The three main active components of ginger are Gingerol, zingerone, and shogoals. These three volatile oils combine to give ginger its characteristically spicy flavor and odor. Gingerol is believed to be responsible for ginger roots ability to ease an upset stomach and reduce migraines. Gingerol is a chemical cousin to capsaicin (the heat in peppers) explaining Ginger’s own ability to produce heat in the mouth and body. Zingerone is produced out of gingerol when ginger is cooked and is what gives ginger its pungent taste. This organic compound may help prevent diarrhea and is also sought as an additive to perfumes and oils. Shogaols are also formed after ginger is cooked or dried and also help give the root its pungency and is considered to have almost three times the heat giving properties as gingerol.

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Ginger and sex drive

Ginger Root has been used for centuries to help both men and women get back their sex drive, improving libido and even help halt premature ejaculation. Since the time of its discovery, ginger has been attributed to the ability to help spark sex drive, increase performance and improve duration of a rock hard erection. It is mentioned in both the Kama Sutra and the Koran as a powerful stimulant that can help during sexual encounters.

Clinical studies have shown that ginger increases the level of testosterone in laboratory animals. Scientists also point to the fact the ginger helps increase blood flow to all body parts, including the genitals and also mimic the body heat produced during sexual excitement.

Combined with other the other natural ingredients in Zenerect, ginger root can help increase the level of testosterone and help increase blood flow and promote sexual excitement and desire. Like all of the other ingredients in Zenrect, ginger is considered completely safe to use with its only side effects being stimulatory in nature.


by Mark Fantini