How to Attract Wealth With Armanen Rune FA


Remember to print out the large FA Rune at the bottom of the page.

The Armanen Runes are keys to the Creative Energies of the Universe. Runes are symbols and therefore the most powerful tools available for you to use. There are three keys for the successful use ofArmanen Runes.

(1) Use only one rune at a time for your mediation’s, exercise or rituals. Runes are like electronic Carrier waves. They carry more than one energy at a time within their symbolic matrix. For best results single out just ONE of the energies you wish to attract from the quantum ocean and into your life.

(2) You must learn how to get the energies of the runes out of the quantum ocean and into your aura. What energies you carry in your aura attracts their physical counterpart into your life.

(3) PATIENCE. The energies contained within the runic energy matrix will instantly appear at the periphery of your aura. There is no nor space in the quantum ocean, only the “here-now.” So when you contact the runic energies in the quantum ocean they automatically appear near you. What stops them from automatically entering your aura are the false negative energy matrices you have built up. Your fear of success, love or wrong health ideas are in your aura. You have unconsciously place them there. They are like a solid brick wall stopping the runic energies from entering you. This is the one most important fact that others don’t tell you. You are stopping your own health, wealth and love.

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BUT, runic energies are very powerful and they will slowly and steadily break through and dissolve the negative blockages from your aura. This is guaranteed. It is part of the Laws of Quantum Physics. All you need to do is be PATIENT and don’t doubt.

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that everything that is, was or ever will be exists in an infinite ocean of intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean. The runes exist there and have always existed there.

Guido Von List manifested the 18 rune Armanen Futhork out of the Quantum Ocean in the 20Th century. They are fresh and powerful and have not been polluted like the 24 rune futhork that has been popularized by so many want to be rune masters and magicians. Blume really put the final nail in the coffin of the 24 rune futhrok with his BLANK RUNE. There is no such runic energy matrix in the quantum ocean that stand for NOTHING!

To get more information about the Armanen Runes surf the net and read about these three Armanen Rune Masters. Siegfried Adolf Kumer, Rudolf John Gorseleben and Guido Von List. Don’t forget the most modern rune master, Karl Hans Welz.

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You must learn to get the Rune FA into your aura to attract the money you desire. We are energy beings and what energies we carry in our auras attracts their physical counterparts into our life. Money energy in your aura = money in your pockets.

Learn to breath in the runic energies. Take the rune symbol at the bottom of this page and hold it in front of you. Gt quiet and take a deep breath while looking at the rune.

Mentally intone” “I am now breathing in the money attracting energy of Rune FA out of the quantum ocean and into my aura.” Do this three times. Then go about your business and give the runic energy time to work on your aura.

How long? One day? One week? One year? How many blockages do you have? Have thick is your wall? PATIENCE. Repeat this every day and reinforce it constantly without doubt.

By looking at the FA rune and consciously breathing it in you are actually touching the rune FA money energy in the quantum ocean. You are thinking about it. What you think about you attract.

The money energy of the FA rune will be there at the edge of your aura awaiting entrance. It will work its way in. Money will be attracted to you. REPETITION AND PATIENCE!


by Ellis Peterson