Headspace | Meditation Tips | Understanding Dark Thoughts | Video

Sometimes thoughts arise that we might not like. They could be angry, exciting or just plain inappropriate. Meditation teaches us to sit with our thoughts, whatever they are. And in doing so we become more acceptant of ourselves, and maybe of others too.

If you enjoy this animation, and you’d like to learn how to meditate, you can get started for free, by downloading the Headspace app.

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Learn to meditate in a few minutes a day with the Headspace app. It delivers guided meditations based on teachings that Andy Puddicombe, Co-founder of Headspace, learned during the ten years he spent studying meditation and mindfulness in monasteries across Asia.

The first series, Basics, is completely free. As the name suggests, it will teach you the basics of meditation and mindfulness. After that, via subscription, Headspace offers hundreds of hours of guided meditations on subjects ranging from Stress to Sleep. Themed meditation packs are supported by a host of animations.

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Along with daily meditations, Headspace also offers On-The-Go exercises for users short on time and SOS sessions to support subscribers in those meltdown moments.

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  1. "No somos nuestros pensamientos"

    Mierda, no puedo creer que 4 palabras hayan cambiado toda la perspectiva que tenía sobre mí.

    Todo este tiempo pensé que era un psicópata :/


  2. I don’t really get these thoughts??? Sometime I imagine something sexually when I’m with my girlfriend or just when I see a attractive women.. why?

  3. As much as I enjoy this ad, when I’m working out and listening to a podcast and this comes on… it puts me in the dark side of the mind. That said, this is an awesome ad, and it helped me understand and accept my invasive thoughts and push them away as just a piece of me I shouldn’t be afraid of because they’re not me

  4. I can't believe this ad doesn't have more dislikes, considering how in the first 5 seconds, there's a baby crying and how this ad plays on like 1/5 of the videos I watch.

  5. This really helped comfort me. I have intrusive thoughts and sometimes, it made me feel disgusting, like a sociopath, or even a psycho but knowing that this is completely normal — makes me truly happy! This was very helpful.

  6. Seems simple to me. Don't like dark violent thoughts? Don't meditate.
    This ad strikes me as affirmation of antisocial thinking.

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