Hip Hop and Network Marketing?

According to Russell Simmons, Hip Hop is a Collage of Styles and Influences

Anything which allows so much variety yet is able to maintain its basic culture is certainly powerful. Hip Hop like most new music and cultures is not totally new but is an adaption, a remaking and collage of many different styles and cultures refined into its own distinctive sound.

In like manner, Network marketing is simply a distribution system through people rather than through warehouses, trucks, and airlines. The same thing happens. Products and services move from manufacturer through a vehicle or company to customer. That hasn’t changed.

The company in the case of Network Marketing is the individual or independent business owner. Much of the fat farm is cut out allowing the independent marketing representatives to share a greater portion of their profits which are not being sucked away by middle men.

Hip Hop Is Legitimate

It took quite a while for the old school music to welcome the new Hip Hop kids on the block. However, they were not to be denied a hearing. Everyone seemed to think they were phony knock-offs of genuine music and the spoken word. All of these styles were used by artists before, not to create something new but to enhance what they were already doing.

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Hip Hop took the artistic musical and oratory exceptions and made them the rule. In like manner, Network marketing is taking the distribution channels exceptions and making them the rule. Yet, many still believe that network marketing is illegitimate, illegal and some type of pyramid scheme.

Yes, there are bogus companies and ponzi schemes out there, but they also exist among the big corporate giants as well. We’ve all heard of shell companies and the book-cooking schemes of big corporate giants, banks and even government. Does that make all forms of business illegitimate?

You see, one Ponzi corporate company does not negate the rest. Neither does it do so in Network Marketing.

Lastly, Hip Hop and Network Marketing Moves Quickly and Freely Through the Market Place.

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Yes, there are governmental regulatory bodies and agencies for the Network Marketing companies. They fall under the watchful eye of the state attorney generals and yes the bad ones are shut down.

But, like a bad record that gets no airplay, it’s not uncommon for any genre of music, whether it be R & B, Jazz, Country, Folk, Opera or Hip Hop, and the band plays on!

Maybe the next big wave of Network Marketing will arise from the Hip Hop community who can creatively address the issues that plague many and bring new energy to an industry caught up in the transformation of business as we know it.

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by William Bell, Jr.