Crucial Considerations for Using and Creating Hip Hop Loops and Samples

When it comes to music production, music beat is very important. Hip hop loops and samples are popular in creating hip hop beats. Many producers thought that if they will use loops and samples, they are not considered unique. This is because hip hop sampling is a method used to make a combined pattern of music commonly known as loops through mixing derivative pieces of different songs.

Using hip hop loops and samples is actually a good way of improving music production. This is also a way of testing the producer’s creativity. In fact, a lot of famous and top producers are using hip hop loops to have a good production of their music. These are not only helpful for musicians, but loops are also used in audio production of films, multimedia, and videos.

Well, there are so many things you should consider in order to create loops. Some of the main ones are:

1. Sound: Quality of sound is very essential. Always begin with good and clean sounds. You may edit and filter them later based on your desire.

2. Program of drumming: Knowing an excellent program of drumming is also very essential. This will greatly contribute in the production of rhythm that is stable and of good quality, so that it will be truly enjoyed by the audience.

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3. Controlling the bottom: A beat maker should become skilled in controlling the bottom. Learning how to make good bass lines is the reason for an excellent hip hop.

4. Creativity: Having a touch of inventiveness will make a difference. Audience will always seek out new things. Being creative with beats and loops will attract a lot of listeners.

Why are loops important?

They give essential features of environment

In order to attain the desired groove, music producers have the rhythm on drums programmed. In addition to that, contexts, atmosphere, and interests can be added by the MC with no possibility of recreating others’ record.

They supply something funky for the MC to rap over

There are some instances that the band can’t achieve the desired beat or sound. The use of Loops is a lot of help for this situation. Moreover, listeners don’t wan to experience a situation wherein vocals are drowned out.

They can create tracks that are enjoyable

As mentioned, using loops can test the creativity of the producer. He can put in conversation or stories that can uplift the audience’s spirit and will truly make them enjoy.

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Hip hop loops and samples are your key to make your sounds and beats stronger. There is nothing to be worried of if you prefer using loops or samples. Besides, it would be great if a lot of music producers will use them to have entertaining beats that will surely rock the audience. Hip hop is not merely about beats but they are being used in the creation of video games and commercials as well.

These are just some tips that would be useful especially for music producers that are just starting their journey on this field. For some producers who are having hard times thinking how they can make their big hit, these tips and information will open your mind on new ideas that will certainly trigger your creativity to soar up high.

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by Dwight Noah