Numark MixTrack Pro – A Complete DJ Experience

The new Numark MixTrack Pro offers a complete digital sound experience for any professional DJ and works seamlessly with your Mac or PC. The traditional two turntables with mixer set up can easily be connected to your laptop so that you can scratch, loop or mix with ease.

Numark MixTrack Pro has several options for both input and output using which you can connect to your headphones, speakers or microphone. It is also lightweight and portable and so you can become a DJ wherever you chose to. You can use this mixer along with the new Serato software that you can download for free and use with ease.

This equipment comes with two decks and each deck has a large, highly responsive and touch sensitive turntable which allows you to accurately scratch, beat juggle and also locate points within the music tracks. Just like a record, you can use this mixer with a lot of versatility. Apart from this, the MixTrack Pro also has an audio mixer which is extremely easy to use and navigate. This feature makes this equipment a favorite among hardcore professionals and beginners equally. This mixer is especially useful for a complete novice as it is the best place to learn and hone up your skills with relative ease.

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The Serato DJ Intro software incorporated in the Numark MixTrack Pro makes it extremely easy to mix your favorite kind of music. This is the best equipment to get the party going with professionally mixed music at home or at clubs or social events. The MIDI-over-USB controller present in this equipment also enables compatibility with all kinds of DJ software applications. The complete audio interface present on this system allows the input and output of superior quality sound.

This mixer is perfect for all multiple input and output options like recording music, previewing through headphones, connecting to the Mic or for connecting the sound system to your personal computer. The two-channel sound interface makes it an all in one DJ mixer that gives you the best value for your money. The convenience and usability of this equipment along with the ultra-sensitiveness of the jog wheels are brilliant. The IO sound interface incorporated in this system is simply the best for a budget mixer and provides great sound quality. The built-in sound card also enables to transport as well as set up the system with ease anywhere enabling you display your DJ skills whenever and wherever you want.

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The Numark MixTrack Pro is an extremely versatile and easy to use mixer which makes it highly popular among all kinds of professional DJs, both veterans and beginners. At such an affordable price, there isn’t another mixer with so many features and options in the market today.


Source by Damon Spearry