How To Fix ActxPrxy DLL Errors Tutorial – Repair Errors Caused By ActxPrxy DLL On Your PC

ActxPrxy.dll is a core Windows file used to help load up the various “ActiveX” components that many websites use. The file is used extensively by Internet Explorer & other web browsers to help load up a variety of feature-rich pages which use the various “activeX” components. If you are seeing errors caused by ActxPrxy.dll, it suggests that your PC either has a problem with the file or with the way the file is being used on your PC. To ensure this problem is not a big issue for your PC, it’s recommended you fix the various problems which can often lead it to show.

Typical ActxPrxy.dll errors will include the likes of “ActxPrxy.dll not found” or “ActxPrxy.dll is missing”. The cause of the issues is basically down to the way in which your computer is trying to load up the ActxPrxy.dll file – it’s either not able to load it up correctly, or has some sort of error with the settings that let it use the file. To ensure this problem is not a big issue for your computer, you need to be able to fix any potential Windows issues that may be causing the error, as well as any possible errors with the file itself.

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The first step to fixing the actxprxy.dll error on your PC is to update Windows & any of the programs which are causing the error. This will basically wipe the old settings & files which these programs used, allowing your computer to run much smoother and more effectively again. You can do this by clicking onto the Microsoft Updates website, or the Windows Update program on your PC, and then fixing the various problems that are leading your system to run with the error you’re seeing.

The second step to fixing the actxprxy.dll error on your system is to then manually replace the actxprxy.dll file your PC has. This will not only allow Windows to run much more reliably, but will ensure that the file you have on your PC is not damaged or corrupted – ensuring the best possible solution to the error. On top of that, it’s also recommended you use a registry cleaner program to fix any registry errors your PC may have that are causing the error message you’re seeing. Registry errors are a common problem for Windows computers because of the way your PC is continually using the settings it has to help your computer run smoother. Many of the common Windows errors that people have can be caused by some sort of registry problem, making it essential you fix the various registry issues you have on your PC with the help of a registry cleaner tool.

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Source by James Henry Johnson