How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep With A Humidifier

Sleep is important to our health and well-being but, the truth is, not all of us get a good night’s rest. There are many factors that can prohibit you from enjoying quality sleep, such as stress, medical conditions, being sick, snoring, not being comfortable enough, etc. We all strive to get better sleep, but the reality is that it can be challenging for many of us. Getting enough quality sleep is vital to your health since it protects your mental and physical well-being, safety and quality of life.

The way you feel when you’re awake during the day depends on what happened the prior night while you were asleep. When you close your eyes at night to sleep, your body is still working hard to support things like healthy brain function and your physical health. Sleep is even more important for babies, children and teens since it helps support their development and growth.

Sleep deficiency is no joke and the repercussion of not getting a good night’s rest can be backlash of many sorts. It can mess with your days and put you in harm’s way when it gets very severe. Ongoing sleep deficiency or problems can increase your risk for future chronic health problems in addition to impacting how you think, work, react, learn and even get along with others.

How much sleep you should get depends on your age. Babies and young children need the most sleep while adults 18 and older should strive for at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night for optimum health. If you lose sleep or choose to sleep less than what is recommended, that sleep loss will add up and this can also inflict harm on your well-being.

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The good news is that there are steps and ways to improve you sleep habits so that you wake up refreshed and are more productive and happier throughout the day. One such remedy is adding a home humidifier to your sleep routine so that you can rest better and catch quality zzzs!

Home Humidifiers For Better Sleep

Using a home humidifier when you go to bed can really be beneficial to finally achieving quality rest. Not only will it reduce dryness and congestion in your nasal passages, additionally a home humidifier will also provide a comfortable sleep environment. The air that a humidifier releases helps the small hairs in your nose move freely and do their job of filtering out bacteria that may cause colds, trigger allergies and keep you up at night. Plus, a home humidifier will help prevent dryness that often causes things like irritation and bloody noses.

Cool Mist Humidifiers For Sleep Apnea And Snoring

Those who suffer from sleep apnea can greatly benefit from a cool mist humidifier running at night since it can help enhance the airflow quality of the room, potentially better than CPAP therapy. Humidifiers will also decrease (or possibly eliminate) the number of times you wake up because of that dry, burning sensation in your nose. Those who snore will also benefit from a cool mist humidifier at night. Snoring could be caused by low moisture levels in your nose and soft palate since air can’t move freely in these areas when dry. This may cause air to bounce around in your sinuses causing them to vibrate or snore. Sleeping with a cool mist humidifier may help reduce your snoring intensity!

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Ultrasonic Humidifiers For Your Children

Infants and small children have sensitive nasal passages, so ultrasonic humidifiers can help them get better quality sleep. Dust or dryness in the air can really disrupt a child’s sleeping patterns, causing them to toss and turn in bed and even wake up more at night. By adding an ultrasonic humidifier to their room at night, you’ll help reduce irritation and disruption, which translates to better sleep for the entire family!

The Best Humidifiers Help With Disruptive Sleep

If you don’t enjoy sleeping in the cold, the best humidifiers will add moisture back into your room’s air to trap warmth and make the space feel warmer. Another great benefit is that humidifiers can help prevent you from waking up with a scratchy or dry throat which often happens in the middle of the night. This is attributed to the humidifier vapors entering your airways and then lubricating your nose and throat’s mucous membranes. The best humidifiers will also make a difference in your skin, helping it retain moisture. Running a humidifier at night can reduce night time wake-ups from feeling dry or itchy thanks to all the added moisture your skin will receive.


by Shelby Lowry