How To Sell a Screenplay to Hollywood – Submit Your Screenplay to Amazon Kindle

Wondering how to sell as screenplay to Hollywood? Putting your screenplay online on Amazon Kindle is a great way to sell a screenplay to Hollywood. This is another strategy that is someone difficult to implement, as it very much involves playing a sort of “long game” and seeing how that ultimately turns out.

Basically, the underlying idea here in terms of how to sell a screenplay to Hollywood is that you novelize your screenplay and make the novel available on Kindle. The idea here is that, if the story is any good and the characters really pop, people will end up loving the novel and buying e-copies of it like crazy, thereby driving up the “buzz” about it and making it much easier to learn how to sell a screenplay to Hollywood.

If a literary property has a high enough buzz, a copy of the book will inevitably end up on the desk of some producer, and in a perfect world, they would end up calling you and wanting to option your book. The good thing about this strategy is that, when they ask if you already have a screenplay ready to go, you can tell them that you indeed, already do, thereby helping you learn more about how to sell a screenplay to Hollywood.

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This would definitely be another avenue where social media is incredibly helpful, so you’ll definitely want to do the following here:

1. See if you can get small bloggers to interview you about the work that you’ve been doing

2. Have your friends and family review the book for you online

3. Build a fan page on Facebook for the project

4. Use your personal network of friends and family to tell the world about the book

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It is much easier to sell a screenplay to Hollywood when you can say that it is based on a best-selling novel. However, one word of caution here – screenwriters do not often make great novelists, as the two could not be further apart, so if you are going to go down this road, I would highly recommend that you collaborate with an experience novelist so that you do not short change yourself in the process. This is, of all the strategies that I can think of, the single most complicated one, so please do keep that in mind before you make any effort, at all, in an attempt to implement it, as it is complicated, tedious, and is probably the lowest in terms of the risk/reward ratio scale of work to rate of success.


by John Halas