How to submit research articles to Elsevier journals #Elsevier #submission tutorials | Video

In this video, let me show you how to submit research manuscript for Elsevier Journals, A complete guide and step wise process for your submission.

The video is purely designed for educational purpose.
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Journal Information: Spectrochimica acta
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  1. I have a question about figure(s). I prepared my draft for submission and embed all the figures and tables in the manuscript file. Now I have to upload them separately. Does it cause any problem to select figure(s) from the drop-down menu and upload a MS Word folder containing all figures?

  2. Excellent work…..can tell me how can I access impact factor journals, which should be also free of cost…..kindly guide me any tip.

  3. If i have done my work and currently i m not linked with any organization….then can i submit my paper…and what should i write below my name in the paper

  4. Wow nice video bro… thanks for your's helps lot for me…………..?❣️. Bro to publish a paper .. research is compulsory or should can i publish article also ??

  5. Hello, Nice video! I'd like to ask you how do I upload more then one figure to my research. Do I need to send it in the same Word document or should it be sended in different JPG's documents?
    Another question, how do I upload the subtitles to the respective figures?

    Thanks bro

  6. Hello sir . Thank you very much. Please, can you please share the highlight format, and also ,make a video on how to write and format the highlight file and the manuscript file ?

  7. If I am submitting an article as a first author and I want to add any other name in Corresponding author, so let me know how we can add it. I am facing problem.

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