[In Nepali] Learn Ethical Hacking – Part 2 – Steps in Ethical Hacking | BABA Computers Pokhara | Video

In this video, I will talk about Phases of Hacking & also as a bonus, I will give a lab demo on how to create simple virus on windows xp.

This video series is all about Ethical Hacking. So, utilize the knowledge for security purpose and do not perform illegal activities. Stay Safe.

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Slide Part 2 : http://www.mediafire.com/download/93g8jm29u99bk6w/Learn+Hacking+-+Pt+2+-+Steps+in+hacking.pptx

By : Bijay Acharya
Twitter : @acharya_bijay

.Note :
– I used Camtasia for recording (paid version)
– Image Src : I used Free Versions, for education purpose
– PPT slides : I used Powerpoint 2013 (paid version)
– These video can be found in my next youtube channels too, i.e. youtube.com/itsolutionpokhara
– Custom Thumbnail image : en.wikipedia.org

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  1. alikati mero complain xa bro
    tutorail sikayai sake paxi software haru pani download garna sikau nu parxa ni athawa link haru description ma dinu parxa

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  3. I am so glad that I learned little bit. I have one concern about program Internet worm…..v4, can I download in mackbook and can I free download from Google. I try to download in my mackbook but it does not show up. please teach me. thanks for your beautiful work.

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