Is Zumanity by Cirque Du Soleil Risque?

Spicy! Don’t plan on bringing young children to this Vegas show! Make your way down the strip to New York-New York Hotel and experience Cirque du Soleil’s “Zumanity”, a popular adult Vegas show that showcases sexuality and sensuality with gentle flirtation and bold expressions of pleasure in a 90-minute show.

This is a topless show so get ready to see your share of skin with racy costumes (think sexy French maid outfits) in addition to performers in costumes that makes them appear as if they are actually nude. The show features risque and sensual dance moves, gymnastics, and gyrations. Expect crowd interaction and participation that will excite everyone in attendance. Each act will focuse on different elements of sexuality, similar to the ups and downs that occur in your everyday romantic relationship.

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Some have found the show to be a bit too risque and edgy so it’s definitely not for the easily intimidated. Zumanity covers every range of relationships including straight, gay, older, overweight and everything in between. Opinions of Zumanity range from being a show that walks a fine line between tasteful eroticism to downright vulgar to those that found it offensive. Parts of the show that are hard to acknowledge and appreciate include the live music band, cast members that walk around before the show to loosen the crowd, and the acrobatic performances.

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Zumanity shows occur everyday except Monday and Thursday and show tickets for this extravaganza range from $69 to over $100 depending on the seating available.


Source by Jane Monet