Living Wicca

Wicca, the secret, little known religion. There is a lot of speculation about Living Wicca. Satan worship, Sacrifices, blackmagick. WRONG, WRONG, and still WRONG! These people know nothing. The wiccan religion is a nature based, peaceful path. HARM NONE is the number one rule of Living Wicca. Many people today are looking for a more personal, hands on religion. They are becoming tired of the traditional formats. However, Wicca does not seek out new members. You ask why? Because Wicca does not claim to be the one and only religion. This is freedom, but most of all it is tolerance. Something traditional formats do not practice. Unfortunate.

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So you ask, how can I find my way? First lets deal with some reality. If you are truly looking to improve your life and you really want to Learn Wicca, you have to be willing to change your way of thinking and living. You have to open your mind and your heart to positive thinking and be aware of our Mother Earths needs. If you are not committed to change or just think it’s cool, then sadly this is not for you. Some people are drawn to Wicca to Learn Magick, but Wicca Magick is secondary to what Living Wicca is all about. Wiccan Magick is a powerful and beautiful entity. However, one needs to know how to work Wicca Spells properly and you only gain this knowledge by truly Living Wicca. So if your set on Learning the Magick of life, READ, LEARN, and PRACTICE what YOU believe. To start your journey I have included some very inspirational websites.

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SO go , explore and if it’s not for you, then good luck on whatever path you choose, if you decide to stay, then Welcome and Blessed BE!


by Jonathan Potkins