5 Signs The Affair Will Not End

Your husband has been having an affair for some time now and you found out. When you confronted him, he told you that he was going to end things. Weeks have gone by and you know he has not put an end to his affair. You do not want to confront him again, but you feel like he is not going to do anything about it.

Here are 5 signs the affair will not end:

He Still Lies About His Whereabouts

He knows that you knows, but he keeps lying about where he was. You know because you can smell the perfume of his mistress. Yet you do not confront him, because he will give you some poor explanation as how his secretary has accidentally sprayed him with her perfume.

He Is Avoiding You And The Subject

Whenever you ask him about what happened that lead to him, having an affair, his ultimate response is nothing. Plus, he still whispers when he talks on the phone. You have not heard any of his conversations, but you know that he is definitely talking to her.

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He Wants Out Of Your Relationship

Although you two did not break up, some fights have definitely lead to him saying that this does not work. Finally, you found a way of working things though. But the idea of ending things has remained inside his brain. One of the reasons why he will not end the affair is because he does not want to be with you anymore, but has absolutely no idea of how he can tell you this. So, instead of breaking things up with his mistress, he keeps on seeing her, thinking that maybe at some point you will take the hint and end things for yourself.

He Does Not Think This Is A Bad Thing

She has him convinced that this is not a bad thing. Whether you want to believe it or not, mistresses can be very influential. Maybe you man told her that he wants to end things and she persuaded him into believing that this is not such a bad thing, that they are only having fun and that eventually you will back off and understand their connection.

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He Uses This To Save Your Marriage

Sometimes an affair can actually help a marriage. You might only think that it affects it, but the pressure a wife can put on her husband is pretty much gigantic. Some men do not engage into an affair because they are ready to dump their wife, but because their wife is putting more and more pressure on him. So, instead of ending things, a husband can choose to dump his problems on the mistress and have a happier marriage.

It is your choice how you decide to act after you have found out about his affair. Before you pack your bags and go, I say you hear him out or consider other exterior factors that might have been involved into this whole mess.


by Tim L