Lose Weight With Fitness Boxing – 3 Hot Tips to Include in Your Boxing Workouts

Is this you?

You want to lose weight and you heard boxing workouts are the best way to pound away those excess pounds.

So you rushed to the sports store and bought punch mitts, gloves and maybe a punching bag for your garage.

But now what? The gear you bought did not come with instructions. Can you really lose weight boxing at home?

Yes! This article will reveal 3 hot weight loss tips you can include in your boxing workouts, no matter what your level and no matter where you train – at home, in the gym or even outdoors.

Hot Boxing Weight Loss tip #1 – Technique Matters: Learn to punch correctly

After 17 years of teaching Authentic Fitness Boxing – more than 200 people every week, most of them women, I can share a secret with you. Fitness Boxing students who pay even some attention to technique get far better fitness and weight loss results than those who just have a hit and giggle. And here’s the best part – it doesn’t take much more effort to do it the right way.

One of my best students, Row, a woman aged 30 with an office job, punches with superb technique – and it has paid sweet dividends for her. She has combined boxing workouts with swimming and lost more than 20 pounds. You can see a clip of her in action on my blog, but the point is her superb technique means she gets far more than most out of each punch she throws. This has turbo charged her weight loss and fitness results.

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Action Steps – Be a student of good technique. Look up clips online or get a lesson from a boxing trainer (not a personal trainer unless they know boxing).

Hot Boxing Weight Loss tip #2 – Power Punching: Putting more of you into your punches

Most beginners punch just with their arms. But the arm is really just the “nail,” while the hips and core are your “hammer.” Most people would agree that it is the hammer that drives the nail into a target. It’s the same with a good punch. Twisting the hips, driving with the core and rotating the body are your secrets to power punching and burning more calories.

Like a golf swing or tennis serve it’s using the whole body in motion which creates the result. Using those bigger muscles of the hips, core, legs and back naturally burn more calories and it gets those muscles into shape.

Action steps: Because you are going to be hitting harder, use proper boxing gloves, wrap the hands and tighten the fist just before impact. Also breath out as you punch. Commit to your punches and follow through every time.

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Hot Boxing Weight Loss tip #3 – Punches in Bunches: The more punches you throw the more weight you’ll lose

While this tip may seem obvious it’s incredible how many people don’t follow it when they do a boxing workout. If you took up jogging to get fit, you probably wont achieve much if you just stroll to the shops. It’s the same for Fitness Boxing workouts. Throwing one jab every 5 seconds won’t cut it.

Action Steps: Throw your punches in bunches of 3 or 4 in rapid fire. For example Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross is better than just the occasional one-off Jab. Also, use a round timer (a kitchen timer or stop watch will do). Work in 2 or 3 minute rounds, rest, then go again. This is how boxers train. And we all know how fit, strong and lean they are.

May you get fighting fit!

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by Patrick W Moore