Magick With Excitement!

Magick! Just the sound of the word and so many different images come to mind! Some picture of a rabbit being pulled out of a hat, while others think of some miracle that takes place when something unusual happens, or a coincidence occurs.

The kind of Magick I’m talking about today is the kind that comes with excitement! What if you could create what ever you wanted, when ever you wanted with a very little bit of effort? What if you were so good at it, that others came to you with their problems, hoping you could solve them and create positive change for everyone? Better yet, what if you could have the inner peace you hear about that other people acquire only through meditation or other means?

Magick with excitement can mean allot of different things. First lets talk about how it pertains to witchcraft, particularly Wicca. Wicca happens to be the fasted growing religion in the United States today, and Magick is a big part of it. So how is it that people are drawn so much to it?

Wiccans never gather at church or congregations of any kind, and they never go knocking on doors, or pass out brochures, much less make phone calls. In fact they insist that you find the path on your own! You will never see them asking for money or insulting what ever it is that you believe in!

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In case you’re wondering about the word Magick being spelled with a K, its just to define the difference between Wicca and the other type, spelled Magic – a stage performer that performs illusions.

The truth is that Magick can be created, and is being created as we speak. In Wicca Magick is a big part of what they do, but not all of what they do. It isn’t about controlling people, and it isn’t about making bad things happen to people or making people do things they don’t want to do. All it is used for is bringing positive change into being.

In Wicca, the evil use or abuse of Magickal ability is absolutely forbidden! Wicca is only about Love, goodness, cheer, worshipping nature, and the earth in general. When they refer to the Great Goddess, they are referring to the earth, the universe and everything in it.

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Anything that has to with the earth is celebrated in Wicca. Other than that they are normal people living normal lives. They hold jobs, drive cars, raise families, and most are terrific cooks! They celebrate the changing of the seasons, and they celebrate the changing Moon Phases, as they can affect the outcome of their spell work and rituals.

In science, some of you are already aware of the way the phases of the Moon affect the gravitational forces here on earth, like the tides in the ocean. There are many scientific facts that relate to the ways Magick is used in Wicca. In fact Wicca uses Magick with excitement, because it is so much fun and thrilling to see your own action bring such miracles!

You cannot learn everything there is to learn about Wicca in one day, one book, or in one article like this, but it sure is fun trying!


by Mary E Jones