Homosexuality and the Occult

I felt compelled to write about homosexuality and the occult because so many within the arts justify the works. Personally, I do not care which way one cares to swing or grab, so long as the object of performance is not jeopardized! By this I am not speaking of the sexual performance, I am speaking of the spiritual ethics and balance within the laws of occult.

Occult works is about energy – and not sexuality unless you’re performing a personal love spell. Within the pillars of any ritual within the occult one needs to call about the various elements, pillars of the 4 axis North/South/East/West for example and lastly the female and male energies – the yin and yang. None of these has to do with the orientation you are however, rather the energy you project in order to connect to the elements needed for a successful spell and or ritual.

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Sexual orientation becomes null within rituals requiring bodies per se if a female or male need to be present. The reason behind this is because a lesbian may have more male qualities than female and a gay male have more female qualities than that of a male. Therefore, it is best to establish energies rather than the sexes at face value. I know some groups to argue their case that homosexuality may be essential within their group for various reasons that’s fine but the ultimate god in you, your spirit knows no sex, only your energy, only your soul. As your body is of pure essence, your orientation and only your energy matters.

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Blessed Connections,

Mona Magick


by Mona Magick